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From what I understand, there is a lot of symbolism in all of the comics of this arc. Some aren't too subtle, while others require a good second or third look. Part of what's rewarding in this series is looking for those and figuring out how they relate to the story or other comics. Good eye in this issue, and I'm sure you'll continue to find such things in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! I know I will!

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Interesting perspectives on how this will all fall out. I like the idea of a civil war within the family, it looks like it could go that way. I think that it may not be that someone kills Joker, but instead is divided on how to deal with him. One side taking the historic Batman approach with no death, while the other fighting for capital punishment. Maybe even throw a wrench in the whole thing by making Batman the one to realize the only way to deal with him now is to kill him and have Nightwing be the one against killing him.

The involvement of Alfred and Batgirl's mother could play into that, especially if one of them dies. Could that push Barbra into wanting to kill the Joker? Any way this goes, I'm going to be reading it.

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I think you're on to something there...I guess the most glaring clue is the title of the arc. I like this because it leaves avenues open for each character to develop on their own, while at the same time giving new history to them.

I also think you're on to something with Stephanie Brown, lol

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Inspiration, perhaps?

Love the shirt, BTW.

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Thanks for the shout out!

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Anyone have any predictions on where this arc is headed? Will anyone die? A few important people have been affected by it so far, like Alfred and Commissioner do you guys think that will be played out in the future?

The cover of Batman #17 looks like it could go in several different directions, but all of them look pretty bad...most of you all are pretty good at this type of thing, so I'm curious as to what you think.

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Although I agree that origin stories can be an important part of a character, they become too convoluted during the run of the comic. The numerous reboots, offshoots, and graphic novels add to confusion that turn some people away from comics to begin with. We can learn about a comic character over time, and not have to know up front all at once. Take for instance, Wolverine. We went decades without knowing anything about his past except for bits and pieces. It added a layer of depth to him, and I believe helps with character development because writers aren't shoe-horned into a framework that's been established by previous writers. If DC wants to start over and appeal to new readers, they have to simplify things, and having them read back stories is not how they're going to do that. Just have the character develop naturally and call back stories from the past.

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Looks pretty nifty to me.

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It's looking like Batman is a little disappointed he didn't make the first move.

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I hope this rumor is false, it's kind of hard to imagine what his skill set would be considering that in that particular universe it took Bruce Wayne several years of training to get where he was, plus his dependency on his money and Wayne owned products for innovation. Having him feasibly do all that in just a few years is a little tough to swallow...I know it's based on a comic, but the movies were pretty grounded.

On the other hand having JGL be Batman could work since he's done some action material lately and he's just a pretty good actor in general.