New 52 Detective Comics #15 and Batgirl #13 thoughts/opinions

When it comes to comics, I'm a graphic novel kind of person. I've come to this conclusion after reading the "Death of the Family" prequel for Detective Comics. My enjoyment comes from good storytelling. I'm a simple man with simple needs, and a good, engaging story will usually fulfill those needs. Graphic novels have the necessary heft to help a story develop properly, and I feel that's an important part of telling a story.

With that said, the one shot story featured in DC #15 is features Clayface and Poison Ivy,and both are some of my favorite villains from the animated series.

However, my problem with it this comic is that it felt rushed. The story was something that could carry on for a while, and was very engaging. Unfortunately, it felt as though the story of Clayface/Poison Ivy was crammed into just a few pages in order to facilitate the introduction of the Joker's arc into the comic. I'm guessing that Detective Comics could have done a bit better of linking the major story with what is considered the prequel of the arc. Perhaps later we'll see Clayface/Poison Ivy again? I'm not good with that kind of prediction, but since this is really the Joker's arc, seeing them again as a major players in the arc doesn't seem like a likely scenario.

Anyway, for what it was, it was a good short story about Poison Ivy using her powers to seduce Clayface and give him some false memories of marriage and crimes committed. I liked the idea that her influence was "planted" into him, literally, since he's basically made of dirt/clay. The ending of the comic left some avenues open with the Penguin's second in command releasing Poison Ivy from her certain death (or so we thought, until a deus ex machina intervenes with Poison Ivy have the ability to convert her CO2 into Oxygen, or something like that) by being buried alive, as well as Clayface confronting her after eluding Batman. I'm looking forward to seeing where this will go.

Batgirl # 14 cover by Ed Benes

Batgirl was also a pretty good story which basically is highlighting her own mortality. She's pretty close to death from the beginning of the comic, and shows her resolve by finishing off the her adversary after hearing what she's done to people she's felt that has wronged her. Her emotions kick in, and this helps to fuel her final push for the win. I'm sure this will come up again within the arc, or at least I hope it does. As a prequel, this would be the logical place it would go, perhaps with the Joker exploiting her injury at some point. In Batgirl #14, we see here start to panic and start to become overcome with emotion, so that kind of plays into that.

Things seem to be moving along smoothly as far as the arc goes. I'm looking forward to seeing the prequels to Batman and Robin, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Teen Titans. I have never read any of these comics before, and from the intros I've encountered so far, they might make a regular reader out of me.


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Posted by slopoke36

We might see Clayface and Ivy again, as along as he didn't kill her...