I would chose the ever ascending and enigmatic Adam Warlock. Mainly because the scope of his vision and agenda are always above the finite ambitions of man. His own powers are considerable, if nebulous, and he has faced Thanos with the infinity gauntlet and succeeded. If that isn't reccomendation for how to handle power than I don't know what is.

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Out the Loop

I haven't bought anything in a while (5 months) so I'm ignorant of how this storyline came about...But, Noh Varr till the casket drops!

Ever since his inception I considered him Morrison's take on a new millenium Namor, as far as attitude and dangerousness.

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Crises me a river

I barely read it cuz I'm broke. But I would hope to see a new of new gods stuff. If the Trifecta are on sabbatical, let Creeper take over for Batman. LEt B and C listers get some shine and character development.....But yeah mostly a whole new take on the new gods. even newer ones if at all possible

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