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i wld think the overall story remains canon. but perhaps certain details would have to be adjusted. i dont see how the events of Year One and Zero Year could not have happened concurrently. At least the major story points.

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Best: Whedon. He did what many writers failed to do with the character. He got Cyclops-haters to take notice. While many writers have done well to show his leadership skills, tactical mind, etc, Whedon showed us a Scott Summers that readers actually cared about. He showed us ACTUAL CHARACTER, rather than just attributes. He was just the right mix of flawed and badass.

Worst: While many would argue Morrison ruined the character, i would say he saved the character from being stuck in a rut of mediocrity. So the worse for me is the combination of writers in the 90s between Claremont and Morrison.

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@lordmordor: I totally missed that! looking at #22 again, there was a scene when Triage had trouble healing Dazzler. Good to know.

Thanks for that. Phew.

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Forgive me if this was covered elsewhere, what is the current state of the Uncanny X-Men's powers???

*Spoiler Warning* for those who have not read UXM #22

It was revealed that the Dark Beast was responsible for the sentinel attacks on the X-Men. and it was also revealed that the reason the powers of the Uncanny X-Men (Cyclops, Emma, etc) were not working properly, was because they were infected with Nanotech Sentinels. "Good" Beast has since claimed to have shut them down.

Wouldn't that mean that Cyclops now has his previous level of control over his Optic Blasts? Does Emma have a fully functioning telepathy back? Won't Magneto have full mastery of magnetism again? Does this mean their powers going haywire had nothing to do with the Phoenix force? Also, wasn't there some chatter about Cyclops getting a change in his powers?

Perhaps Bendis intended to further explore the fallout from the Nanotech Sentinel discovery before being derailed by Original Sin. Perhaps the Nanotech Sentinels are part of the bigger thing that has their powers going haywire.

But if there really isnt anything more to it than Nanotech Sentinels, i must say im sorely disappointed by this revelation. Not that i want their powers to be back to their status quo. I like the thought that Cyclops might be able to unleash another level to what is a rather one-dimensional power at the moment. I like how this new Magneto has to use his wits more because of his more limited powers.

Thoughts? Comments?

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So i just came back from the movie. The movie was great, definately the best of the franchise. Just one question. At the end of the movie, is it basically showing that the original trilogy never happened?

Well... i wouldn't say all of it never happened. Its up to the new movies. the only things we know for sure that doesnt happen are the future events as shown in the first 95% of DOFP. Perhaps Jean still goes Dark Phoenix but the X-Men save her this time? Perhaps events from X1 - X3 still happen, but between X3 and the future shown at end of DOFP, somehow Jean and Scott are resurrected? possibilities are endless.

Personally, i think if they ever cover that same time period of X1 - X3, they will probably use the events as a skeleton but tell it differently.

Similar to whats being done to Star Trek

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Yeah, here's hoping. Though one could argue that the reason that Scott was treated so poorly was in favor of building Wolverine up as the "X-Man." But as we saw in DoFP, while Wolverine played a big role, the movie wasn't really about him like in previous movies. So, even though Wolverine will be in the next movie, one can hope Singer will continue to have the movies focus on more than just Wolverine and we'll actually get to see other great characters, like Cyclops, get the spotlight they deserve.

While i'm hoping Scott Summers gets the screen characterisation he deserves... i doubt we will get it.

Previously the movies were more about Wolverine and the X-Men. Now the central character shift has become Prof X - Mystique - Magneto. So while Cyclops might get a second chance, with the next film likely being more "crowded" than DOFP, there simply isn't enough screen time to do the character justice. The only chance the other X-Men have is if the rumoured X-Force movie helps to divide the screen time for the mutants.

Prof X with his X-Men: Beast, Cyclops, Jean, Storm...

Mystique and X-Force: Wolverine, Deadpool, Gambit...

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Cyclops is not overrated. in fact, he's probably underrated.

Wolverine isnt overrated as well. His popularity is a testament to how great a character he is. Wolverine is just overexposed and overused. WAY too much.

IMO, the most overrated of the X-MEN is PSYLOCKE

Yes, she has had some nice development lately courtesy of Remender's X-Force. But if she was back to her good ol British self, would the character be as highly rated? If instead of doing ninja meditation she relaxes with tea and scones, will she be as "kick ass"? If her one defining popularity trait is that she's a "hot asian chick", that's not enough to make her a great character for me.

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I think there will be 3 mutant factions that will have to team up to go against Apocalypse and his Horsemen

Xavier will form his X-MEN: Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Beast...

Magneto will have his Brotherhood: Toad, Ink, Quicksilver?

and finally...

Mystique might be the one to assemble X-FORCE: With Wolverine and maybe even a proper Deadpool

Since there are rumours that X-Force is something FOX is interested in doing, it makes sense to me that Stryker's "Team X" in the Origins film might go rogue and take on a new role as X-FORCE under Mystique's guidance.

Wolverine might still undergo the "procedure" as it was his choice in the Origins movie. Lets not forget that this wolverine does not have the memories and experiences of the future wolverine and therefore wldnt know any better.

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having issues of control as so eloquently pointed out by Joss Whedon through Emma Frost is what gives Scott Summers depth. however, i would also be keen to see him grow as a character. but not so soon. we have seen future versions of Cyclops with glowing red eyes and no visor. however, if we do see it in regular continuity, i would go for perpetually glowing red eyes when he isnt in combat, but the addition of the visor as part of his uniform for fights where he needs more precise control.

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Jean Grey
Emma Frost

and now (possibly)



Maria Hill