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@princearagorn1: I was trying to point out that it's not some kind of major feat. Like Krillin and Govan forming a training area in their mind doesn't make them some kind of reality warped or anything.

Naruto's dimension building is as useful as him eating ramen, it's the talk no just that is powerful.

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Huh? Dimension? Dude, Krillin and Govan created a training dimension while they were traveling to namek. I'm sure goku could do it to.

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Quite a few. Rorschac doesn't have durability on par with Chitauri (jumping 50 feet out of ships and landing on concrete, falling off 6 stories on their chest and getting up, vertical leap of 15 feet+, etc) or Ultron lackies. Captain America was one shotting Chitauri and dismantling Ultron bots with his shield.

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@higorm said:

@slimj87d: have you added some new feats from Bucky as "cosmica assassin" (The Man on the Wall)?

There really hasn't been any notable ones sadly. The whole series has been focusing on a bizzare romance.

I really do miss Nat and Bucky together.

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Arrow should win, he's more in the middle of his career while Matt has just started his. I think the only fair comparison would be Arrow Season 1 vs DD.

DD barely started being a superhero, for the little training he received from stick, he's actually pretty damn good. Give him time and I think the fight will be a lot more fair.

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@slimj87d: I thought that the Green Lantern corps had rules agaisnt everything you said ( I think that they are not allowed to interfere in a civilization in that way.

Come on bro, that's not the point of this topic. Just imagine a ring that had the powers you know? No affiliations to anything like the corps, etc.

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If you had to give a Lantern ring to someone for 1 year, who would it be?

I would give a ring to Elon Musk a Lantern ring. I believe in the 1 year he has it, he would come up with a means for us to get off of fossil fuels. He would probably accelerate a way for us to live on mars and get us going with terraforming the planet.

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@kfabz-23 said:

@slimj87d: not bad at all

I can only hope it goes this way. I hope the chase is similar to the time Ultimate Captain America escaped the Avengers. That whole chase scene was awesome.

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At heart this is a Captain America movie/ story, and the Avengers themselves will have their own movies and other cameos. They (Avengers) don't need any character developing screen time. Bucky, Falcon, Agent 13 and Zemo need more screen time. They should only be used in the very beginning, middle and end. They don't need to appear inbetween where the plot is most important. They can simply follow the same outline as Captain America 2 if they wanted, because nearly every movie follows the whole three act rule, even Batman.

Act 1: Captain America and the Avengers are on a mission, similar to how Captain America and Shield were on a mission in CA2. The mission causes the registration act. Avengers only need to cameo here for 10 minutes.

Act 2: Captain America opposses the registration act and the Government tries to arrest him. The Avengers all chase after him. When he is captured, half of the team switch sides and help him escape. Avengers only need to cameo here for 10 minutes.

Act 3: Captain America investigates the twist in the plot, but before he can stop it, the Avengers all gather and have a huge fight, he convinces them that Zemo is behind everything. Avengers only need to cameo here for 10 minutes.

The Avengers don't really need anymore screen time besides that, they should have as much cameo as Maria Hill has had in all the Iron Man movies and Avenger movies. The core of the movie should focus on Captain America and the Cap characters.

Don't forget that Feige and the Russo brothers have said time and time again that this is a Captain America focused movie and story and to not expect the story to be like the Civil War comic, they're just drawing inspiration from it.