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@rbt: I'm keeping this short. You said Oliver has done what Cap has done and have presented the elevator scene but failed to show Oliver fight in a scenario anywhere remotely close. Show me a equivalent of the elevator scene since you keep trying to use it. Otherwise, please don't tag me in your next post unless if you're going to admit it was a bad comparison and argument.

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@rbt: you and I have very different definitions of "getting right back up."

Also, that guy didn't even take the taser for as long as Cap did and again, he's also not an average size man, he's a shield agent. You'd have to watch agents of shield to know that the team Cap had to fight against has above average durability for an elite commando unit.

Anyways, I think we both agree that you left out or never noticed an important detail of the elevator scene and rumlow landing two hits after what Cap had to go through does not prove he's unskilled. If we both don't agree, at least everyone else that reads through this thread will realize there's an "*" to your post and will be able to fact check on their own.

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@rbt: thanks for reminding me to go back to your post and the way you word things. Yeah, the guy "got right back up?" clearly he did not get right back up. Another example of how you try and word things or pass things by for your own convenience.

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@rbt: that scene you posted is nothing comparabl. Nothing you posted was I don't care about the, "oh Cap hasn't done what Oliver has either" because I'm not the one that is making two comparisons here that make no sense to compare on another.

I'm calling you out for saying something and using something wrong. What you can do is just admit that comparing Oliver running around a building isn't comparable to caps elevator scene. Trying to use rumlow getting a few hits on Cap isn't as significant because Cap was taser for 10 seconds, and I still stand by the teaser power because we saw it quickly KO a NORMAL SIZED MAN with incredible ease.

I'll agree to disagree with you on Flash vs Arrow. I don't want to waste my time pointing out obvious facts.

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Why bother making a thread about the ivory kings when we don't even know what it takes to kill one?

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@zaied: I just wish a confirmation would pop up before hand... It's one of the worst feelings when you type up a long post and you delete it when you're using a mobile versions of the site.

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@pokeysteve: I don't think Mirakuru would help Roy, he never had control over it, he was given a type of derivative that made him mad and irrational.

Plus, in the trailer Cap has been shown to throw his shield and Lodge it into Ultron's chess which is made out of Stark armor components or who knows, even better.

If Cap throws his shield like so at Roys head, I imagine he'd be KO'd. Remember, Mirakuru Isabel got her kneck snapped by Nyssa, so I don't think Roy and Isabel had a good version like Slades. But I have no proof besides just to point out that Roy usually does worst when he losses his cool and he needs his head in the game here.

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@rbt: I'm sorry, but that guy did not get right up, he managed to grab the rail and was dazed and in the process of being knocked out. Plus, he was big, maybe 260+ pounds, that's not your average person and you saw it KO a normal 165 lb looking person on the boat. For it to cause that damage on a big fat guy like that with just a still proves my point.

You claimed that Oliver has done what Cap has done, I asked you to show me him fighting in a elevator closely confined. I know you can't. Any scene you try and remotely use to compare, Oliver always uses a trick arrow to get in better positions, but nowhere has he fought stuck in an elevator like so.

So no, Oliver has not done everything Cap has done. That is incorrect. I'm pointing out that this claim was not backed up in your argument.

As for his feats against slade and flash, I don't know why they matter here.

A feat of surviving doesn't mean squat to be honest, because obvious plot armor pis was involved and outlier scenarios that won't happen here. They're not going to be on a exploding boat and a I-beam isn't going to conveniently fall on Cap here. Barely surviving doesn't mean squat, especially since later deathstroke whole purpose was to try and keep Oliver alive so he can watch his city burn. It's obvious in the video above, he got taken out in a few seconds.

How is the Flash fight not obvious PIS? At one point Barry just ran 1000s of circles around Oliver.

To reiterate my points.

1. you claimed Oliver has done everything Cap has done, no he has not.

2. In the elevator scene, Cap was taser for 10 seconds. Just because you feel this is insignificant (because it doesn't support your argument), you cannot leave this detail out when you bring this scene up to others.

That's all I have to say. I'm not trying to prove who is more skilled here as they are both pretty skilled. But I disagree with a few ways you're trying to go about to prove who is more skilled, especially comparing the elevator scene to Oliver running around a building taking out goons a small few at a time in open space

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@rbt: @rbt: are you really trying to compare Captain America being stuck inside of an elevator with barely any room to move to Oliver running around and taking guys out? I know you've watched that elevator clip more times than I have but you're missing one critical point everytime you try and use this scene against Cap.

Immediately when Cap gets locked against the elevator, one of the shield agents strikes Cap with one of those tasers and holds that shit on him for 10 seconds.

Yeah, this is a taser that can one shot a person if they are taser for a fraction of a second. Cap takes it for 10 seconds. Of course Rumlow had a better chance at landing a few hits, Cap was hurt already and fought a bunch of men in a confined spot.

Your use of the Rumlow encounter holds no weight because Cap was taser with a powerful taser that can KO a human with only a short fraction of a second of exposure.


1. The boat scene when Rumlow taser one of the terrorist.

2. Elevator fight scene immediately when the emergency button is hit. Cap is being choked and being taser for 10 seconds.

So no, Oliver hasn't done everything Cap has done. I'd like for you to show me Oliver under equivalent circumstances in the elevator scene if you're going to try and use the elevator scene to compare to Oliver.

I don't agree with the way you use the elevator scene as concrete detail.