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@slimj87d: Yeah, I haven't been a Power Ranger fanatic since I was little, but they seem highly inconsistent from what I remember...

Where would you put them?

Low-mid tier? High-mid tier? Or even powerhouse level?


I'd have to rewatch a lot of their feats, but they were capable of taking explosions at least. I never saw any real lifting feats, just striking feats that sent back people that should weigh about 400 lbs or more.

Durability wise, they can take stabs and slices, explosions happen when they get stabbed or sliced. My guess is their armor is reactive and sets off a area damage to resist fine point penetration.

They could be around Deathstroke's level with his armor IMO.

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I dunno, but what I do know is I just saw an episode the other day where one of them freaking Roundhouse kicked an actual T-Rex right in the jaw lol.

Sooo...they're up there.


That's not too surprising, they usually leap from 1000s of feet high up and down. But sometimes I wonder if that's a temporarily gravity like power, because you don't see them kicking holes in peoples chest.

I wish there was something that elaborated on their physicals more for us to understand what they are capable of.

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Energy projectile


Place a comic book character in each of these fields for Tommy Oliver as the green Ranger.

Or give a number of what they can deliver and take.

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@slimj87d: I think in a pure physical confrontation, Hulks stronger incarnations could stand up to Thanos but Thanos' durability is off the charts do I don't think they'd he could put Thanos down. As s whole, Thanos has so much more than physicals that I don't see him losing.

That's the thing though, WBH has much more than physicals also. He can send gamma energy to break a seaboard just by simply walking. He, along with red she hulk, can bust a planet indirectly by trading a blow (they didn't even touch the planet).

Thanos is more than just physicals, but WBH is also more than just physicals compared to a holding back Hulk.

I think Thanos would still win, but he'd get hurt and probably have a few broken bones or more.

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WBH stands a good chance at fighting Thanos. When Hulk fights Thanos, he doesn't use his energy projectile because people will die, but Thanos does use his energy projectile against Hulk, heck he even needed it to beat down SS.

If Hulk uses his energy projectile, he could stand up to Thanos and give him a lot more trouble than people think.

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@princearagorn1 said:

Oh God no.

Before you answered, did you watch the video and then looked deep into the center of the image with your eyes 2 inches away from the monitor slowly moving half an inch away per 5 seconds till you were 2 feet away?

If not, it could be the reason why you feel the way you do.

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@chaos911 said:

Not a battle

Oops, I thought this was in general. Mods, can you please move?


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Would you guys watch a Ginyu Force spin off series if they were actually heroes that went around the universe saving planets from natural disasters and villains? Ignoring all power levels and continuity, etc, Frieza could be the main enemy and Ginyu's rival.

Before you answer, please watch the video above and see the image below.

I think it could be a very funny spin-off with a power ranger like theme to it.