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Superman earth One Review 0

Superman earth one is new take on the age old story for a new generation.   JMS decides to give us Clark Kent as a man with unlimited possibilities but trying to find the one that will make him happy.  Trying to give us a fresh take on these characters JMS fails to make any significant improvements but still tells an interesting story.    The story begins with Clark Kent exploring potential jobs such as scientist  and a football player in order to fit in with society.  All these jobs offer  hig...

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Worth the Wait 0

The Good All of Grant Morrison batman run is coming together nicely. Picking up where issue 12 left off we encounter the joker who seems to be in some new persona. It seems that the joker knows that bruce wayne is batman from his comments. The story is told through a flashback as The returning   Dr Hurt seems to have capture our Dynamic Duo and seems to be prenteing to be someone he is not. If you have been following Morrison's run then this issue wil be fro you. Fraizer Irvings Art help to set ...

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