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I'm still nervous about Grayson #1 if only because I completely disagree that that character needed a complete reinvention. He just needed a little nudge in the right direction IMO.

That being said, I still have to check it out.

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Wish they'd figure out all of their existing properties instead of just continually throwing more Bats at us.

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New working issue titles: Superior Cash-Grab #32-33.

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I'm so glad this book is back on track. DC is Detective Comics and it needs to have a strong foothold in it's main book to be taken seriously, in my opinion. Plus, some of the best Batman stories dig really deep into the mystery of the situation at hand.

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It's really sad for me since it's like losing Spider-Man all over again. I hadn't read for years before Slott jumped on and breathed life back into that book. I understand the yearning for some fans to want Peter back since he's the OG Spider-Man, but it really doesn't feel natural for heroes like him to stay the same for years like he has. The villains and environments grow and evolve just as much as the protagonists do and Superior Spider-Man proved that.

Some may not agree, but just like Bruce Wayne or Steve Rogers, Peter Parker should stay gone to keep the story interesting and grounded for that universe. The book isn't called, "The Amazing Peter Parker", it's "The Amazing Spider-Man". The theme is taking responsibility for your actions and one character can only embody that in interesting ways for so long.

That being said I'm still looking forward to seeing what happens. I want to know how they plan to reintroduce the character and spin (get it?) all these changes for him now that he's back. I'll likely be dropping ASM around issue two or three.

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I'm sorry, everybody. I just don't have any more faith in the New 52 or any of these events at this point. I feel like everything has been really forced recently.

  • Dick coming back and being a secret agent? I don't know.
  • Batman needs Robin? Come on.
  • The line-up changes of the future in Eternal? It's cool, but not necessary.

These books have such a short life expectancy now that it makes all of the radical changes for each arc and new book way down on me more and more. I just want them to concentrate on the existing stuff by taking it easy.

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Wow, this is a match made in heaven.

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I see no negative to this decision. The crazier the casting choices and plot leaks, the more in I am. If I wanted to see the same, old Batman story I'd go back and re-watch those existing movies. If I wanted my favorite characters portrayed exactly how I want them to be I already have stories where my favorite writers do that perfectly.

What I want is something completely new that will make me say, "Wow, I really didn't think they could do it that way." Whether it's the injection of some modern material or some new directions for the characters, (in my opinion) this is looking up to be a pretty cool version of the DC universe.

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Am I the only one pulling for an Ultimate Nick Fury and Nightcrawler hanging out and getting into adventures together?

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Wasn't it Thanos? Just read Nova a month or so ago and he talked about wanting to find him while smiling. Seemed pretty telling to me.