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Thanks for the heads up, however I'm not a big fan of digital comics and am old fashioned in that I like something to hold. If I really can't get my hands on these though I will submit myself to the digital copies and wait for a reprint.

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So I was looking to Superman: Secret Identity however it looks like the TPB is out of print and the comic issues are hard to come by. I realize there was a reprint of issues 1 and 2 in Oct 2011, this makes these issues easy enough to grab, but what about 3 and 4? Has there been any word or speculation on a reprint of issues 3 and 4 or a reprint of the TPB? Or should I fork out the £40 to buy the series?

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With the confirmation that Helena Wayne is Earth-2's Robin and that she is the daughter of Bruce Wayne coupled with the statement referring to Batman killing someone to save his daughter, we can probably safely assume it IS Bruce Wayne...

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Hey, thanks for the heads up. Looks like that videio is down however, or at least inaccessible to me. I found the video on youtube though, here is a backup link.

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@The Mighty Monarch said:

You know guys, I see a lot of you assuming he's willing to kill. Sure it says he's more ruthless and dangerous but nowhere does it confirm he's willing to kill. This is how conclusions are jumped to incorrectly.

'Who will Batman kill to save his own daughter? Right out of the gate that should tell you we’re dealing with a different kind of Dark Knight here.' I picked up the vibe from that, it seemed like an agressive statment that Batman is willing to kill but the question is who. I could be wrong, should never look too much into interviews..

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@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

@Slaze said:

I just read the first 4 issues of All Star Batman actually and I have to say I actually enjoyed them. I'm a big fan of this 'devil may care' style Batman and think his attitude is great, I think that Morrison just wanted to depict the Batman in a new light and he has done that perfectly. As to whether or not it's a parody I think that yeah, he is poking fun in certain areas, but at the same time it is a believable character when you consider this is in the Dark Knight Universe. However I have to agree that Year One just doesn't seem to fit in this universe, unless somewhere along the way Batman just got super cocky for some reason.

I wonder if All Star Batman may have fared better had All Star Superman not been as well recieved.

Is Miller not Morrison.

Yeah, that's who I meant. *slowly retreats and hopes nobody noticed I was ever here*

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I'm more convinced that it is an adult Damian than a Bruce... unless the 'Wayne' statement is a double bluff. If we just look at the New 52 as a fresh canvas and ignore any older material, the only Wayne's that we know of who are still alive on New Earth are Bruce and Damian, besides the whole killing ideal suits Damian a whole lot more, I just think Earth 2 will be a universe where Bruce died and Damian took the cowl..

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This all came out around May last year actually, the green stuff is a green screen just incase anyone thought they were filling the pit up haha. Basically some onlookers claimed to have seen a small bald child being filmed emerging from the 'pit', this caused some speculation that Bane came from/is tied in to the lazarus pit and was then trained by the League of Shadows. Of course, these are just rumours.

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On the sixth day in Arkham a psycho gave to me,
Six ringing phones


Four Riddler trophies

Three vials of Venom

Two "Vote Dent" posters


A Batman in my Belfry

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I'd like to see something like Batman: Beyond Arkham, set in a Batman Beyond style future. The main enemy could be the child of Harley and the Joker, the main character would be Terry McGinnis, and Bruce could still pay a part as an Oracle type character. It could also tackle other villains introduced in Batman Beyond or just enemies that will have lived that long.

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