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Well to be honest...

Xander , Anya, Tara and Dawn won't be useful in a fight. If we include Faith, I feel like she'd be far more loyal to Angel's team than Buffy's, she has a better relationship with the Fang Gang. Spike on the other hand has been apart of both teams, I feel like he would still go to Buffy's side.

Comparing Gunn and Wes to Xander, Anya, Tara and Dawn would be rather pointless. Since the two members of the Fang Gang are actually useful in a battle.

I think the match ups would go like this.

Buffy vs Angel - Angel's tough but Buffy could take him. Buffy's physical power << Angel's physical power, however, I do believe that Angel has a fighting chance since he's far more ruthless than she is and if he's trying to gank her, then, she could end in the fight of her life.

Spike vs Faith - Faith has more physical power, considering that Spike doesn't have as much raw strength as Angel. But at the same time, he's capable of soaking up disgusting amounts of damage, so I'm not sure if Faith will be able to kill him before he inevitably murders her. Regardless this could go either way.

Illyria vs Dark Willow - If Illyria was at full strength, she'd probably just manipulate time and murder her.

I can tell you this much, when it comes to the greater good. AI is willing to do things that Scoobies would never even consider, they're just as cut throat as Giles or Spike. If they had to sacrifice Dawn to save the Earth, I can't imagine all of them would be on board with it, but they'd probably go through with it.

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I'm all for it as especially if it's drawn by one of these artists.

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But if I were either...

As Batman: Probably would've tried to wipe out as many mob bosses as possible, would use lethal force because let's face it; if I'm jumping on rooftops dressed as a Bat, fighting douche bags and killers, I won't give two-shits about who I waste in the process of defending myself. I'm not even a cold-hearted person, I'm plenty compassionate, but I also have very little patience and would not want to be skull fucked by the Joker, not to say that I'd kill everyone I fight, but if someone get's the drop on me, I'll make sure a batarang goes into their jugular vain. Also, I'd probably carry a crossbow, or a gun. Batman used in guns in the 1930's. You know, I don't think I'd be a very good Batman in Bruce's eyes, or Dick Grayson's, or any superhero that knows Bruce for that matter.

As Superman: I could follow Clark's example, to an extent. But I feel like if shit just go too real for me, and I knew there was something I could do about it. I'd act, and I'd probably resort to lobotomizing a shit ton of evil people. Though I'd avoid going dictator on everyone's asses, I can't imagine having to manage an entire planet, I don't even want to president. But yeah, dictators all over the world: Beware the Superman! That's all I'm sayin....

Costumes I'd wear...

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I envision Batman the way that Scott Snyder or Paul Dini would write him.

Personality: I imagine that Bruce Wayne would be incredibly charismatic, he'd have to be, no one would suspect him as Batman if he was. He could still be dumb, but he could also have charisma like Bill Clinton, which would explain his constant harem of women. As Batman, he's cold, logical, and virtually stoic. He has a very precise and efficient way of doing things and meeting his goal, he's not out to unleash carnage, but he'll still take pleasure in beating down a rapist. He wouldn't shy away from extreme violence, for example, if he's forced to, he'll water-board a thug, will break limbs, and even resort to shock therapy. He'd basically do everything short of killing you, which ironically, could be worse. Is it just me? Psychological warfare would be a must as well. In short, when operating as Batman, Bruce would be a very pragmatic individual. His real persona in my eyes, is not Bruce Wayne or Batman, but just Bruce the man. He'd act very much like a normal person would, though it'd be easy to tell that he's damaged. He'd be the perfect balance between the Batman and his public persona.

Fighting Style: Batman seems like a guy who would use Krav Maga. It'd take advantage of his own physical strength and allow him to decimate his enemies, plus he'd have access to various techniques from different martial arts as well. On top of that, he's a detective, he'd just spot weaknesses in his opponent's form anyhow.

Build: Like any other two hundred pound man, who's six two. Lean but strong. Physical features wise, I feel like Greg Capullo's design of Bruce is how I imagined he'd look in real life, since he's supposed to be a pretty boy anyway.

Costume: New 52's fine.

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Superman and Wonder Woman = We have so much in common chemistry

Batman and Zatanna = We're so complementary Chemistry

They are basically opposites, demeanor, world view, yet they have a very amusing rapport when they're together, it's like the one that Bruce has with Dick only it's geared toward a more, dare I say it, romantic direction and less platonic one. Plus I like it more than BMCW

Harley Quinn and The Joker = We laugh like crazy together.

Much like SMWW this one is self explanatory, however it is WAAAAAAY unhealthy.

Batman and Selina Kyle = Tear Each Other's Close Off Chemistry

This attraction makes more sense as a purely physical relationship, sure there could be some emotion in there but neither are willing to commit to one another.

Nightwing and Donna Troy = We're so comfortable with each other chemistry

This isn't really romantic, it could haven been, but it never was. But these two, are like pees in a pod.

Just my opinion folks, share your own.

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If Batman was really, he would have eventually killed someone. Did you know that they alter the angles of the camera in the Arkham Series so we can't see what Bat's really does to them during take down moves. Plus, he wouldn't wear a cape. He just wouldn't.

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Superman should just go the Batman route and be single, while occasionally getting some tail. If Diana and Clark do have to be "romantic" I'd rather it just be a fling than a full on relationship, I hear they're trying to make a Trinity love triangle, but I have yet to see either Batman or Superman have any real chemistry with Wonder Woman. Hmm, Geoff Johns can revamp Green Lantern, and make Aquaman awesome but he sure as hell can't right a romance to save his own arse.

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These are basically the characters or versions of Batman related characters who could exist in real life, or at least the most plausible ones... also, these versions are least likely to end up as "worm food". This doesn't include the Nolan Verse, since they are already established as possible.

Thomas Wayne version of Batman - The most likely since, if he were to "properly" deal with Crime in Gotham, he would resort to use of extreme and lethal force. Plus he owns a casino, there are plenty of casino owners in the world, no one would suspect him because he probably wouldn't be much a public figure.

Bruce Wayne(Batman Animated Series, Vol 1-Vol 3.)

This is the PERFECT Bruce Wayne, intelligent, charismatic, slightly-unhinged, stoic, pragmatic, calm, and did I mention that he was intelligent? It's kind of important, he is the World's Greatest Detective, and this incarnation of the character is actually deserving of such a title, because dammit, he sure does live up to it... at least until the New Batman Adventures. Not to mention he wasn't some over-powered ninja god from hell, he was an amazing athlete, but his feats were still plausible and he remained grounded, even when dealing with things like a "Man-Bat". Plus he wasn't so depressing either. One would have to be pretty hopeful to deal with a place like Gotham.

Damian Wayne(666)

Okay, excluding the deal with the devil stuff, this is another Punisher meets Ninja Assassin mixed with a Bat Motif deal, he tries to stray from killing as much as he can, but if forced to, he'll tear you apart without blinking. He's hunted down by the police, and is over-all just an absolute badass, plus, Damian has a love for fighting and violence, so you could expect this guy to be willing to throw down with some of the worst of the worst, not to mention Damian wouldn't mind fighting dirty or resorting to particularly villainous tactics to get the job done.

Bruce Wayne(Batman of Zur-En-Arrh!)

I don't even need to explain myself when it comes to this one, this guy is bat shit insane, it would make sense for him to wear a Bat costume that's multicolored and attack criminals, there have been crazier people in the world. (He's an exception, he could be killed pretty easily, since he's his rocker.)

Then of course the Golden Age Batman....

From what I saw, this guy had no insane abilities, he seemed like a man-hunter of some sort, we know he was an Olympic level athlete, he was a detective and that he was willing to kill. So yeah, thought I'd add him too...


Damian Wayne....

He wouldn't really need to be aged up, if he were raised to like the age of 12 to think and act like a proper ninja, then it wouldn't really be a problem so long as he and relied on stealth tactics and weaponry like eskrima, or katanas. I could see this happening, though he'd have to exact exactly like a ninja and use fighting as a last resort, or just simply go predator mode on all those fuckers, so again, emphasis on Stealth Tactics due to his small size... Oh and he wouldn't have a bright yellow cape, he'd have a black one...

Dick Grayson

Secret agent would work just fine, not to mention his regular Nightwing identity could work if he started off as a cop, but was then swayed by Batman's own methods of fighting crime, plus he's an unrivaled acrobat.

Oracle/Barbara Gordon...

She could be a tech support/ hacker type of partner, or just a cop on the Force who's willing to tolerate and allow Batman's assistance.

Birds of Prey

A band of women who fight crime, without larger than life costumes? Yeah, I can see it happening, just remove Hawk, Dove, Poison Ivy, and the Canary cry.


Not really specific, since she is a cat-burglar...

I feel like I've missed a shit ton of characters but I'll update this.....

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@tektheninja: Naw dude, it will never workout outside of Earth - 2

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@matchesmalone21: Light fabric with circuits in it? How the hell does that all even work? Can you even imagine how expensive that shit must be, on top of all his other suits? Why hasn't anyone caught him for embezzlement?