Characters who should appear on Agents of SHIELD

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Posted by tamabone

I want Rick Stoner, the first Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Posted by stuartwilson

y would finesse be in it

Posted by SlamAdams

@stuartwilson: In all seriousness, why not?

But if you need a bigger reason. 1. She was one of a few superhumans rounded up by Osborne during his tenure as leader of HAMMER (his SHIELD restructuring). 2. If the tv show is about tracking and profiling new superheroes, her powerset is easy to depict on a TV budget and is a character that will in all likeliness not show up in any of the movies, and 3. she's connected to Taskmaster, who seems like a no-brainer big bad for a show like this.

Posted by stuartwilson

@slamadams: if she apeared it would either be in a antman sequel or a avengers academy series not a agents of shield

Edited by SlamAdams

@stuartwilson: She could appear in an Antman sequel (although I highly doubt they would include her) and an Avengers Academy series (which seriously will probably never happen). None of that means she can't appear in Agents of SHIELD.If Agents of SHIELD is about looking at the bigger picture of the world in a post-Avengers era than B- and C-listers, like Finesse, should be making appearances.