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Will Jason and the Outlaws end up interact with the Titans later on? And if so, would Jason and Tim's former rivalry spark up again? As for the Titans, will Aqualad (Kaldur, not Garth) join? I mean he was brought in during Blackest Night/Brightest Day and that was the end of him so I'm curious.

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In all honesty, my favorite mention is with Deathstroke, but I feel that they should at least place Grant or Rose (either Ravager is fine) on the team and make them at odds with Artemis, seeing as how they'd know her real reason for being there. Another thing I'd like to see is an episode where the team actually does travel to the future and sees themselves as the League which would be friggin' awesome.

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I almost forgot this was five years prior. From the looks of it, Dick & Tim should both be on the Teen Titans, but I'll digress. Overall, the new Batman looks to be more familiar than I'd expected when I first heard of the reboot. I have high standards for every single Batman related stories than comes out, but I have faith in Scott Snyder so I won't worry.

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So, I've been wondering about dear ol' Ra's al Ghul. Will he be featured in the New 52 or will he and the League of Shadows just fade into the shadows?

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Is it just me or is Cyclops giving Wolverine more go than anyone ever expected? He took the claws through his bicep and he didn't pause even once to nurse the wound. I really underestimated Scott, I mean, he is Cable's father so...
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Yeah... I've already watched this episode several times on YouTube. It was awesome.
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Hm, this is slightly interesting. See, I always thought of most my favorite heroes as insane (Deadpool, Batman, Moon Knight, Jason Todd, Punisher, Damian Wayne, Roy Harper, Rose Wilson, Deathstroke, etc.) and, as odd as it is, I've thought about this before. Is it even possible to correctly deal with an insane hero or a hero with multiple personality disorder? Honestly, how can you correctly deal with them?
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In my opinion, Marvel does crank out the events like crazy which in turn leaves us, the fans, to try to play catch up with the issues and the information that is getting released. Like for me, when Fear Itself hit, I was keeping up pretty damn good... until every single other tie-in came out and then, not even weeks later, came more news of the next, oh, three events. I love Marvel because of the sense of realism I get from mostly every issues, character, and event, but I also love to enjoy their work which lately I haven't been able to do because of all the buzz about the next events (that seem to already be happening) rather than the one that is happening in order for the next to transpire. So, yes, I do agree that Marvel is putting out too many events at one instance.
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I can see where you come from. It's just something I always wondered. Clint was a good example though, CATPANEXE. He's another favorite of mine.
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I think the Hulk (without Bruce Banner to hold him back) can probably shatter the shield, maybe.