Was 'The New 52' inevitable?

I've been wondering something since I first heard that DC was going to reboot every universe that they'd created, and I think it's a good question at least. With all of the reality altering crisises happening (Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths, etc.), was the reboot really that far from everyone's mind? I mean, if you look at it, Flashpoint showed the DC universe totally warped so it didn't even look remotely similar to the one we knew before it. Another example is Blackest Night/Brightest Day which had to cause some type of cosmic disturbance on some level. So, I ask again, was the reboot really that far off in hindsight?

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Posted by tchrevor

I think DC is not terribly attached to its own continuity. Marvel is really more of the idea that all of the stories are classic and necessary, probably because of the reverence for Stan Lee, but DC will wipe out decades on a whim. The characters accumulate so much baggage over the years that things need to be shifted around a bit. The timeline for the DCU really needed to be set in stone, because it became really confusing. Like, Birthright was supposed to be a while ago, but the characters had cell phones identical to when the book came out. Knowing that the Justice League formed five years ago is great. DC does this all the time, so yeah, I think it was inevitable.

Posted by StarKiller809

I think that The New 52 was something that was coming to comics and I'm glad it did. I really was only read two comic book series until this. Now I'm reading well over 20. I think that is an amazing improvement and they have won me over. I don't feel that they have betrayed me by getting a fresh start. The stories are great to me and I think that is what matters.