The Summers/Grey bloodline

I was just going through the site and realized that there are a lot of Greys and Summers running around, of course with the exclusion of the dead Cable (my favourite friggin' Summers). So let's check this out here; Corsair (father of Cyclops, Havok, & Vulcan), Cyclops (oldest son, X-men), Havok (second oldest, X-Factor i think), and Vulcan (youngest, galactic tyrant). Jean Grey/Phoenix (telekinetic, telepathic), Goblyn Queen (clone of Jean, Cyclops banged her), Emma Frost (clone of Jean, Cyclops banged her as well). Rachel Grey (Cyclops' daughter, Cable's sister), Nathan Summers (Cyclops' son, deceased), Ruby Summers (Cyclops' daughter), and Hope Summers (I do not know the connection other than the fact Cable raised her). Now my question is, are the Summers/Greys important to the mutant community and future
? I mean I understand who Hope is, but what about the others?
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Posted by jordama

Emma Frost (clone of Jean, Cyclops banged her as well).      
What are you talking about? 
This seems like it would have been done before, but the characters are some of the original and therefore have had more stories than most. This leads to more details about their life and more storylines involing family. (Ruby is out of continuity by the way) Children make a good story, plus it alows the characters to have family that they didn't really have top raise or leave action for, so we had baby nathan, taken into the future and came back a kick-butt adult, rachael and X-Man are similar.  
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The Summer/Grey bloodline has the potential to create powerful mutants as evidenced by their kids and with Sinister's obsession with them. In that sense, I guess they are important.

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I really really want to know where the hell you got Emma Frost from? LOL Do you mean Maddie Pryor?
Posted by jordama
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" @SladeRogers: O_o  I really really want to know where the hell you got Emma Frost from? LOL Do you mean Maddie Pryor? "
He mentions maddie, so this emma comment is diff
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its funny how no one answered your question. They are important, 1- rachel saved some big area from some shiar balst with her tk (with psylockes too), 2- Jean would be the head master of the school if she didn't die n saved the x-men n other beings from a couple of deaths, 3- Cable trained young mutants himself (Moonstar, Thubderbird etc) 4- Cyclops is the mutant president, who got the psycho powerful Magneto n prince Namor behind him, N Hope Summers (who's like a foster grandaughter to Cyclops n Daghter of Cable) is the mutant messiah. So their like... important.
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I think I do. But, Scott banged her too. Don't believe me, check it out for yourself.
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He didnt just have sex with Madelyne, she was his wife and Emma is hardly a Jean clone but Hope seems to have no blood relation to Scott or Jean, it just so happens she has red hair and green eyes but we'll see...maybe she's somehow a "reincarnated Jean"

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.Emma Frost is in no way a clone of Jean. And read the comics.

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O_O I REALLY hope the Emma bit is a typo. 

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You forgot Nate Grey.

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I think the person meant Madelyne Pryor.
Posted by Hunter114

Emma and Scott have been going out for a while... at least they were, but she isn't a clone of Jean... and even if she was, she isn't a member of the Summer's bloodline.

Hope is adopted... so she isn't in the Summers' bloodline and in X-Men: The End, Gambit was in there as well (either a clone of Scott or something similar - [probably])
Posted by SladeRogers
I was thinkin' of Maddie, but hey, this just proves he has a think for psychic chicks.... Not the point of this blog but hey.
Posted by Mercy_
@Hunter114: Gambit was IIRC a clone or something that had been manipulated and engineered by Sinister. 
Posted by SC

lol Emma a clone of Jean, sacrilegious! I think someone was pulling your leg, or maybe you read a comment intended to criticize Fraction, because some feel, Emma has turned in a Jean Clone, (or maybe its the whole Warsong thing) 
Yea tho' thankfully Emma is not a Jean clone. and if they retcon her to be one, I'm going to put Ratking's under every Marvel employee's pillow. (seriously) ((no really really I would, so don't do it Marvel))

Posted by tjx_penn
@Green Skin: nate summers/ nate grey is x-man/cable just alternate realities
Posted by VanTesla

Hope had no father and in fact was birthed by the Phoenix Force and a human!
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@tjx_penn said:
@Green Skin: nate summers/ nate grey is x-man/cable just alternate realities
Obviously!  They are still different characters though.
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I wanna know when will Emma get preg with Ruby

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@ouija: yeah, that would be great.... But she should turn back to the evil white queen, with selene as the black queen and madelyne as the red queen... That would be interestng... Maddie and emma on the same side as Cyke's second and third choices... And Emma finding out she is pregz after breaking it of with Cyke...