The Perfect Punisher Movie/ Marvel Movie Rant

I believe that if Marvel ever does decide to do another remake of the Punisher that it should be an animated movie. Either Cg or regular cartoon animation, it really doesn't matter. I say this because the previous three movies all had it and lagged something. The very first was decent, but to me lacked the atmosphere of the Punisher rather than just some cop gone rogue. Thomas Jane had the appearance and voice and did the mind set correct, but at the end, he had allthose weapons and didn't even utilize them right like WTF man??!!!!!! You had an M4 with a M203 attachment and you didn't even use a friggin' canister?! The last movie was friggin' crap to me. The villian was good, but the actor for Punisher was like............suckish. So in my opinion, the best course of action for a Punisher movie is to animate it. This way you willl miss no elements, and with the right type of men animating it, the movie will be golden. I really want this movie to be made because I think the Punisher is the most simple of Marvel's characters and it shouldn't be that hard to make a GOOD movie about him. And get friggin' Thomas Jane to voice him, as I previously stated, he has the voice for the role.  
Now onto Deadpool's movie, I'm just happy they have Ryan Reynolds in the remake of him because it's extremely hard to find someone to play Deadpool. Now I'm mad that we're gonna have to wait to see this movie after I got all geeked up about it.   
X-men Origins: Wolverine 2? I swear if they even think about it, I'll kill them. The first movie was a friggin' wreck and the friggin' game was better and slightly more accurate than the movie was at any point. And the only possible thing they could do is make Daken the villian for the next movie, but then again they didn't even show the time that Logan spent in Japan. So if they go through with this second movie, I hope Christopher Nolan steps in because he seems to be the best director out now next Michael Bay. Better yet call them both and get them in on it.  
The Avengers movie is good.....except the fact that they made the same mistake Iron Man did...........they placed Ultimate Nick Fury in Earth-616. WTF??!!!!! I mean I know he's a cool guy and the character was based off him, but he's from the Ultimate Universe. Get Kurt Russel to play the Nick you need or uh Scott Speedman someone like them not do that atrocity man. 
Captain America seems to be the best movie for me to not pass judgement on. At least they got a decent actor for the role which I'm guessing means the Fantastic Four will not be coming out with another movie. Hell, I wouldn't either after that last piece of bullsh*t movie they came out with. Silver Surfer kills Galactus? Galactus is a cloud? Johnny syphons off the others powers? What was he, the first mention of a friggin' Super Skrull? All in all, I hope this redeems him from what Fox made him do. 
The Thor movie....................................................................................... 
That's about it for me. Let me know what you think people.
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Posted by 614azrael

Not to sound cold but u seem to be venting rather then observing. Punisher wise the first was best in character ther was that cold demeanor with the warior, with the humanity still atatched but only barely. The 2nd was best in story there was the vengence an punishment that had the brutal vibe which was good sence u do need more in a movie then blow them all away. Warzone i felt was actuly best because he was cold but still human much like in the 1st an yet it also delivered the brutality. When P gos 2 kill he kills,he puts ppl down quick an effeciant often in vilent maner(head shots xsplosions knives severed or blown off lims) Warzone delivered this in spades. Another movie would be best to go off the story of two with the personality a mix between 1&3 leaning towards 1 an the vilence to b in line with 3 while sticking with the methodical aproach of 2. CG would proubley b the best rout. 
Deadpool lets just hope it pulls threw. 
Wolverine origins the game was the best interpretation of Wolverine in a game as to date, the movie however started strong but spiraled down hill like Blob on a ski slope, a sequal is a good move though, Japan has alot of good story arcs for Wolvie so takeing him there is wise. Best rout is to go R an make it darker have the ninjas impale logan an embed shurikans in him, Show how an why hes the best at what he dose. As well as so the more iner sides of this century old warior whos faced with countless iner demons. Best move is to introduce players like the Hand Yukio an Silver Samuri. 
The Cap an Avengers seem promising an having Ultimant Fury is a smart move, he was seen in Incredible Hulk Ironman an Ironman 2 so to switch him out now would be borderline of stupidity. His adition also prevents any idea of raceial discrimination wich is emportant, an lastly theres a bit more of a Hardcore feel presented by Jackson at the moment he dose the part well surprisingly

Posted by The Lobster
"So if they go through with this second movie, I hope Christopher Nolan steps in because he seems to be the best director out now next Michael Bay. Better yet call them both and get them in on it." 
Micheal Bay is a terrible director, and to pair him with someone like Christopher Nolan is blasphemy. Christopher Nolan is an artist, he paints magnificent pictures that allow the audience to think and ask themselves questions. So if Nolan is an artist, then Micheal Bay is a finger painter it's all pretty explosions and mindless entertainment.
"The Avengers movie is good.....except the fact that they made the same mistake Iron Man did...........they placed Ultimate Nick Fury in Earth-616. WTF??!!!!! I mean I know he's a cool guy and the character was based off him, but he's from the Ultimate Universe. Get Kurt Russel to play the Nick you need or uh Scott Speedman someone like them not do that atrocity man."
Marvelhas stated  that the reason they chose Ultimate Nick Fury was to separate the comic universe with the movie universe. It also helped with the casting, why go through all the trouble trying to find someone who looks and acts like Nick Fury and spend weeks trying to find an actor, when you can get the person that the comic character is based off of. 
Posted by SladeRogers
Alright you posed good arguments. I'm just sayin, it messed with me when I saw it was the black guy and not the white guy. I'm blakc and love Ultimate Nick, but it's weird because there won't be any of the awesome action from the Ultimate Comics. Blast .
Posted by JustinVelez

They're going to make Orgins two set in Japan, They're gonna stuff Silver Samurai in there

Posted by Dakens son

Actually all the movies mentioned have bits and pieces from both earth-616 and ultimate universe.
Wolverine origins movie was good but dissapointingly fast they've left most of the weapon x progamming out

Posted by Dakens son
@JustinVelez said:
" @sladerogers   They're going to make Orgins two set in Japan, They're gonna stuff Silver Samurai in there "
So its true!
Harada will be the bad guy!!
Did any one heard who would be Logans wife in the movie?
Itsu,Yuriko or Amiko?
Posted by SladeRogers

I think it's Itsu, would be fitting enough and show Daken's  "birth"
Posted by Dakens son
@SladeRogers said:
" I think it's Itsu, would be fitting enough and show Daken's  "birth" "
My thoughts exactly but I think they will mix it somehow with Mariko so to include both silver samurai and Daken
I think they will include Mariko as Dakens mother
Posted by Eggimann
An animated Punisher (or maybe, an animated Franken-Castle movie. THAT would be awesome) movie would be good, but still an real Punisher movie would be best, he is a character that is not really that hard to do a movie on. Sure, you will probably please everyone, but i think all three movies have done some things right 89 version was an entertaining Dolph Lundgren action movie but not good as a Punisher movie, The 04 movie was the worst, it had some good parts from Welcome Home Frank arc and Thomas Jane, the 08 version was best so far but only a 6/10. Stevenson was good, the action was mostly good but most of the supporting cast and the villians sucked. They just have to give the movie to someone who is both a good action director and understands the charater. They could also let Ennis work on the script. They could get Stevenson to reprise the role, but i doubt he is a big enough actor to make it earn enough and War Zone failed at the box office. Cant really think of an actor right now. 
As for Deadpool, it could be great, Ryan Reynolds seems very involved in the project which is a good thing. And if they get Robert Rodriquez to direct it will be great, because he has yet to dissapoint me in one of his movies
Wolverine Origins 2 can be good, havent read the stuff about Logan in Japan, but it could be good. Hated the first but if they change director and hopefully read the script before they shoot there is a chance. But Daken should NOT be a villian or even in it. I dont hate him but it is to early to involve Daken. Maybe his birth as a possible set up for the future but not more. Way´s Origins comic sucked.  Both Bay & Nolan would be the wrong choice as a director. Nolan is good, but Wolverine shoulnt be too dark and gritty. I dont hate Bay because of the Rock, one of the best action movies made, but he would not do to well whenever there is any emotions involved. They need to get someone able to do both action and fun while not sucking at the emotional bits. 
And the movies does not take place in 616. They take place in thier own world. And why would anyone hate on Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson. He was awesome. And we are getting a reboot of the FF movies, the old ones can be left forgotten. And hopefully they will also make that Black Widow movie.
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I would doubt they would do a 3rd time reboot any time in the future. The Thomas Jane movie honestly did extremely well
and held very true to it's counterpart (which was Ennis's Welcome back Frank@knowingishalfthebattle). Honestly
Punisher comic fans should feel pretty privileged that they opted to make another film that was more true to the 
classic/nonEnnis comics on behalf of their complaints, instead of continuing to diss. And outside weak points
in the films, did Frank kill a lot of criminals and very violently in the films? yes, so there's that. People really need to
grasp the fact that comics usually do not translate directly to live-action, especially when theres a decade or more to pack 
into it. Added to the fact that like it or not, the majority of viewers of the films themselves are persons who haven't read
the comics outweighing those who have. A movie maker has a very hard job in that when they make a movie it has to
have a best attempt at appealing to everyone. (unless they intentionally make a B-film and don't care if it flops and barely
breaks the investment of course). Expecting a perfect comic book film, or a perfect to ones own preferences anything
is a lose/lose scenario each and every time, and a matter of self inflicted disappointment. in other words I would
absolutely love it if they made a super hero movie based directly on the design that appeases to me, and is floating
in my mind...but then again you might not.

Posted by Eggimann

The problem i have with the movies were that they werent really good movies. Sure 2004 Punisher did good at the box office, but also it failed critically and while they kept parts of the welcome home frank, most of those parts were changed and other important things were changed to. Yes, i am glad they have continued to make another movie, and they did get the violence right, but still some comic book movies have been great. Spider-Man, X-Men, Watchmen, V For Vendetta. All been great. Is it too much to ask for a good or even great Punisher movie. They cant please everyone sure i understand that. I am not expecting a masterpiece, i am just expecting a good movie.
Posted by Alexisonfire

Punisher WarZone was a really good Punisher Movie...

Posted by Eggimann
I didnt think so. To much i disliked and even hated. The villains sucked, most supporting cast sucked, the whole "i shot an undercover FBI agent and now i quit" plot was done poorly and felt unnecessary . But i did like the action seen at the end, despite some of the gore looking like crap (few movies have had gore and blood that looks as good as real effects) and Stevenson as the punisher so it was an ok movie, just not a good one.
Posted by Alexisonfire

you´re right. i mean only the punisher character... :)
Posted by SladeRogers

The best course to make a Punisher movie in my opinion would be to go for the Max series rather than any other. I didn't like FrakenCastle really, seemed to much of a stretch for my taste. Ray Stevenson shouldn't reprise his role in my opinion, I can't think of another actor to replace him just yet. But honestly, a Punisher movie needs to have story and violence in a balance in order to be even considered good. Get the right guy, get the right director (Quentin Tarruntino), and let the magic begin.
Posted by Eggimann
Yeah, they should go with that, hopefully they will do The Slavers arc. I think Stevenson should reprise it, cant really think of many other actors for the role. And you are right about the balance of story and violence. All 3 got that wrong, 89 and 08 was to oriented for violence and 04 was too oriented for story. But Tarantino is the wrong guy to do it. He is a great director, but dont think he would do a good Punisher movie.
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
I get you, but thats expectation for you. also opinion. i'm really into Punisher myself and i think i rate the films higher than you do,
and i know these films went over well with non-readers. The point on my end though is I know enough to expect only so much with
a movie based on Punisher. Comics translate to film how they do, regardless. I wouldn't look for an Oscar award winning film with Frank
for example, really I only expected a subpar cult film, and less than what they actually came up with. Punisher has the popularity to generate
a decent budget, but not an over the top one. The simple fact remains as well that he got movies because Tinseltown was combing over comics
at the time for ideas, and he was easy to do in a live film and made for a good action hero. I don't see the film companies as the ones in the wrong her,
but great expectations instead. Point if its failing you is you may despise the films, and your not alone, but many others did not, enough to make the grade in fact
and in the seconds case enough that its currently holding good time slots on television. That will be the case with every film that is ever made, and if the film makers
make the return investment, the thought that it was a failure likely won't cross their minds. Unfortunately when a comic-to-film gets a worldwide release, we as 
readers actually represent the minority of people seeing the film. Crap example, but the most honest i can think of was when i saw Blade 2 in the theaters, most of
the people watching it in that house we're senior citizens (it was a lot of fun when they rooted on the action scenes, lol). Things are never as black and white as the 
Punishers costume is, you know?
Posted by SladeRogers

You're right. But still, just a decent reboot and I'll be quite content with my hunger for the Punisher (and I still hope they do Max lol). But, here's what I didn't understand about the movies, why were they centered around one thing? The first was him focusin on the mobsters that did it. Second he was focusin on setting the boss up before the kill. And third, he was just focussed on killing them. I might be wrong, but I'm not sure.