Was 'The New 52' inevitable?

I've been wondering something since I first heard that DC was going to reboot every universe that they'd created, and I think it's a good question at least. With all of the reality altering crisises happening (Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths, etc.), was the reboot really that far from everyone's mind? I mean, if you look at it, Flashpoint showed the DC universe totally warped so it didn't even look remotely similar to the one we knew before it. Another example is Blackest Night/Brightest Day which had to cause some type of cosmic disturbance on some level. So, I ask again, was the reboot really that far off in hindsight?


The New 52

So, I have been keeping up with my news on the New 52 as it comes out and I just noticed that there's only been talk of two technical villains (Deathstroke & Sinestro), so my questions comes in to ask about other fan-favorite villains. I mean I wanna see the New 52's version of the Joker, Clayface, Ra's al Ghul, Lady Shiva, hell, even Mr. Zsasz. I just want to know why aren't the bad guys getting any spotlight?



Alright, so going through my favorite comic series, I have noticed something interesting. In comics, the heroes that don't have actual powers are wealthy and geniuses. For example, Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, and Oliver Queen. Like it seems to be that if you don't have powers, abilities, super enhancements, etc., you gotta be rich and insanely smart in order to be a hero. I mean someone's gotta help to pay for the damage each Avengers' or Justice League's battle creates, but what about the heroes that are just average Joes that want to do the right thing? How can they compete with the guys with the billion dollar contracts, jets, etc.?

Why the hate for Ult. Nick Fury?

I've been on the Vine for a minute and I've been a fan of the Ultimate Universe since I discovered it. Now on the site there are various conversations about the Ultimate Universe, btu particularly I wanna focus on that universes Nick. Why does everybody seem to hate him? Is it purely because of a racial switch? Or is it the fact he was modeled after Samual Jackson?

I wanna hear everybody's opinion on this subject so I can at least attempt to understand the dislike. So wht are everybody's reasons to like/dislike Ultimate Nick Fury?

Can we count Ferals as mutants still?

Feral heroes and villain are some of the coolest around. They're like human animals literally. Now when Romulus was around, he revealed that most ferals weren't evolved from apes like humans, rather than wolves (I believe he term was Lupus sapiens). So my question is do we still count them as mutants or can we classify them as their own species?

Like Fathers, like sons

Bruce Wayne & Dick Grayson. Oliver Queen & Roy Harper. Two duos that have so much in common yet are so far apart. So what makes them similar and what makes them different?


DC doesn't want to move Robin forward.

Alright, this is a thought I've had since I first started to read Batman and watch the series. Now from as far back as I can remember, the Batman series have shown Dick as Robin and when ever Dick came close to or became Nightwing, they'd end the series shortly after. In the Teen Titans series, they used Dick rather than Tim (had they used Tim, his encounter with Jason would've been aired). .In the "The Batman" cartoon series, they used Dick as Robin which is how it's supposed to be, but why couldn't they keep it going and show his transformation in Nightwing and Jason becoming Robin? In the current Young Justice series, they are using Dick yet again and Young Justice isn't even his team!!! I mean other than Under The Red Hood, DC has made no attempt to expose Jason to television and this upsets me greatly. Without Jason's death and resurrection we don't get to see Tim become Robin. But, my question is why hasn't DC moved beyond Dick Grayson? What possible reasons are there?

Can Mantles be avoided?

I've been ponderin' for quite some time now, do mantles in comics ever die or can they be avoided by the next potiential suitor. I mean let's start off; 
Captain America; It started out with Isaiah Bradley then along came Steve Rogers to represent the red, white, and blue . When it was believed he was dead, a brave soul took up his mantle. When he gave up the mantle after the Government tried to force him to do their bidding, U.S. Agent (even though a part fo Red Skull's plan to flush out the real Cap) took up the mantle of Captain America. Now, we have James Barnes aka Bucky (Cap's former teenaged sidekick) as the new Cap. In an alternate future, Steve's son, James Rogers has his shield (possibly meaning he takes the role as Captain America in their time) 
Batman; Bruce Wayne witnessed the death of his parents and he became the symbol of vigilante justice in Gotham. When Bruce was badly damaged by Bane, Azrael steppped in and took over for him. Dick Grayson also took the mantle for Bruce while he healed at one point in time with Tim working as Robin. When it was believed that Bruce was dead, Jason Todd and Tim Drake acted as Batman for a very short period of time. Dick ultimately ended up taking Bruce's place while he was gone. In two possible futures, Damian Wayne is the Batman while in another Terry McGinnis is the new Batman.   
These are just two, others include Blue Beetle, Vigilante, etc. But, my question is can these mantles be avoided or could they ever die out? Could people just think it'll be better to let the ideas die and fade with time?

The Summers/Grey bloodline

I was just going through the site and realized that there are a lot of Greys and Summers running around, of course with the exclusion of the dead Cable (my favourite friggin' Summers). So let's check this out here; Corsair (father of Cyclops, Havok, & Vulcan), Cyclops (oldest son, X-men), Havok (second oldest, X-Factor i think), and Vulcan (youngest, galactic tyrant). Jean Grey/Phoenix (telekinetic, telepathic), Goblyn Queen (clone of Jean, Cyclops banged her), Emma Frost (clone of Jean, Cyclops banged her as well). Rachel Grey (Cyclops' daughter, Cable's sister), Nathan Summers (Cyclops' son, deceased), Ruby Summers (Cyclops' daughter), and Hope Summers (I do not know the connection other than the fact Cable raised her). Now my question is, are the Summers/Greys important to the mutant community and future
? I mean I understand who Hope is, but what about the others?

The Perfect Punisher Movie/ Marvel Movie Rant

I believe that if Marvel ever does decide to do another remake of the Punisher that it should be an animated movie. Either Cg or regular cartoon animation, it really doesn't matter. I say this because the previous three movies all had it and lagged something. The very first was decent, but to me lacked the atmosphere of the Punisher rather than just some cop gone rogue. Thomas Jane had the appearance and voice and did the mind set correct, but at the end, he had allthose weapons and didn't even utilize them right like WTF man??!!!!!! You had an M4 with a M203 attachment and you didn't even use a friggin' canister?! The last movie was friggin' crap to me. The villian was good, but the actor for Punisher was like............suckish. So in my opinion, the best course of action for a Punisher movie is to animate it. This way you willl miss no elements, and with the right type of men animating it, the movie will be golden. I really want this movie to be made because I think the Punisher is the most simple of Marvel's characters and it shouldn't be that hard to make a GOOD movie about him. And get friggin' Thomas Jane to voice him, as I previously stated, he has the voice for the role.  
Now onto Deadpool's movie, I'm just happy they have Ryan Reynolds in the remake of him because it's extremely hard to find someone to play Deadpool. Now I'm mad that we're gonna have to wait to see this movie after I got all geeked up about it.   
X-men Origins: Wolverine 2? I swear if they even think about it, I'll kill them. The first movie was a friggin' wreck and the friggin' game was better and slightly more accurate than the movie was at any point. And the only possible thing they could do is make Daken the villian for the next movie, but then again they didn't even show the time that Logan spent in Japan. So if they go through with this second movie, I hope Christopher Nolan steps in because he seems to be the best director out now next Michael Bay. Better yet call them both and get them in on it.  
The Avengers movie is good.....except the fact that they made the same mistake Iron Man did...........they placed Ultimate Nick Fury in Earth-616. WTF??!!!!! I mean I know he's a cool guy and the character was based off him, but he's from the Ultimate Universe. Get Kurt Russel to play the Nick you need or uh Scott Speedman someone like them not do that atrocity man. 
Captain America seems to be the best movie for me to not pass judgement on. At least they got a decent actor for the role which I'm guessing means the Fantastic Four will not be coming out with another movie. Hell, I wouldn't either after that last piece of bullsh*t movie they came out with. Silver Surfer kills Galactus? Galactus is a cloud? Johnny syphons off the others powers? What was he, the first mention of a friggin' Super Skrull? All in all, I hope this redeems him from what Fox made him do. 
The Thor movie....................................................................................... 
That's about it for me. Let me know what you think people.
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