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My boy Tim Drake...He hasn't had a good year since the end of Red Robin

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Great list! I'd swap Palmiotti for James Robinson, but thanks for repping BMB!

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I'm bummed that these series are bumming you...

I say stick with Batman and Daredevil...the Hawkeye delays are really aggravating but I think it only feels like it's moving slow because of that.

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So I got my helmet kicked off. Did it hurt? Not really. was it worth it? Hell yeah.

Also, please give us KGBeast. Please please please please please!!!!!!

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Where is this from? It's hilarious.
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@DarkxSeraph said:

Yeah, but these are supposed to be heroes, in most cases. People who are examples of morality and 'we won't sink to their level.' Some heroes? Completely in their character: punisher for example. Wolverine. Even Batman and Daredevil use psychological and sometimes outright physical harm to get information... but what is the next step? Having Superman use heat vision to burn off layers of skin from a man to get answers? Having Wonder Woman choke people to unconsciousness over and over with her lasso to get information? Point is: some characters this is fine with because it is in the character to do it. Others? Should never cross that line.

Not the best example using WW. It is the Lasso of Truth for a reason.