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I can swim but I don't really like to and it took me a long time to learn how.

I almost drowned twice when I was a real little kid eight-nine.

So I sort of have a primal fear of it, nothing is worse the that fear of feeling nothing below you and trying to kick and then going under. It was really scary, even though I can swim now its still an uncomfortable feeling XD

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This is the one of the funniest threads of the year so far XD already

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Its my between JJBA and HxH for my favorite manga/anime series.

Love the entire series but Part 2 and 7 are my personal favs

Favorite characters are Joseph, Dio, Koichi, Casear, Diego, Gyro, Jouske, Diego, Bruno, Hol Horse and many others but that's off top of my head.

Favorite STANDS


Killer Queen, Scary Monsters, Echoes, Golden Experience, Sticky Fingers, Crazy Diamond off the top of my head

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@superguy1591 said:

@slacker_the_hacker: Meh, Akira is how America became accustomed to Japanese anime, DBZ only created the market for mangas. Also, I think Cowboy Bebop(whose influence comes from Lupin the III) would created an interest in Anime even without DBZ, as well as Miyazaki's movies.

That being said, without DBZ some of my favorite characters wouldn't exist--Naruto, Vash, Kenshin Himura, and hell, even Goku.

Creating the market for mangas is still a pretty big feat and accomplishment

Though of course Bebop, Akira and Lupin are very important to, I was merely making a case that DBZ, Marvel and Star Wars might be overrated but all have done things that deserve praise. Even if ya did watch DBZ for the fighting when you were a kid.....still was fun XD

Still is fun to this day.

I'm just more making a case for Dragon Ball as I figured it would be voted as the most overrated one and in all fairness it is.

But hey its Dragon Ball

Its the second best selling manga of all time (Of course sales dont mean quality but its still an impressive feat) and was my first love before I started reading western comics, manga, normal books or anything like that. So I have a lot of like nostlagia for it and respect.

With that said!

My favorite manga/anime are JoJo's Bizzare Adventure and Hunter x Hunter

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DBZ. Star Wars actually earns all its praise. DBZ has never and from what I've seen on the new movie it never will. The MCU is a close second though.


DBZ is far from narrative excellence

Dragon Ball/DBZ in itself is very important in the development of shonen manga, certainly one of the most important in all of manga.

Now note I do think DBZ overatted by a lot of people.

It is far from the best anime or even shonen ever in my opinion BUT Dragon Ball's influence is massive in a lot of the manga creators coming up in the 90s till now and it was one of the first big anime in the west before like the more big explosion of manga and anime we have now.

Yeah DBZ fanbase can be rough sometimes.

But a lot of the manga and anime people really love today would probably be pretty different without its influence.

I cant speak for Star Wars as I'm only familiar with the movies not EU but that's also been a massive influence on many works.

So I think the praise and recognition for both is well deserved.

As for the MCU.....welll Marvel comics and Marvel universe in general has same kinda impact on popular culture (and other writers and artists), so the MCU could probably just been seen as an extension of that.

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Now I'm not saying Batman will have Jason in 3 seconds.

Jason can tank a hell of A LOT

But Batman's got the brains, he's got the agility, he's got the tools, he's got the acrobatics and he's got the experience in dealing with similar foes and can simply apply them in ways Jason would never think to (depending the location)

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I don't really see how Jason would win XD

Yes Jason is an undead killing machine with super strength but come on....really?

Batman who has a massive agility advantage over Jason to the point he's been able to evade bullets among other things no normal man could, gadgets galore that could at the very least put Jason down temporarily or provide distraction.

Intelligence for surpassing anyone in any Friday the 13th movie ever displayed, even Freddy Kreuger (outside of dream world) was quick enough to evade a couple of Jason's attacks ......I've plenty of faith that Batman of all people could duck, dodge and block a machete.

Say we didn't just count movies and counted things like comics to for Jason.

Ash from Evil Dead held his own against Jason and so did Leatherface in a one off.

I mean I just don't see a visible win for Jason.....against Bruce.

This is the man that contends with horror movie like criminals, deadly martial artists and even some super powered thugs on a regular basis.

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Good show to kill time with when scribbling down nonsense in my notes or waiting to get picked up.

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I feel old now

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Though technically one would have to read Vamp and EB.

Have you read any of the Baccano or Durarara books? You seem a fan and all so figured Id ask since sometimes people dont know where to read them.

If youre interested!

They can be found here (Mostly PDF downloads)!!

And all the translated Vamp so far are in this blog and Bridge is there to