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Is this

like a which is better?

Cause I say books

A lot of books have connected with me more then TV shows

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Ummm my PS3 broke

Its pretty much yellow or white light of death. It will start for a second and then just turn white and die. Soooo I'm not to broken up about it it was an older model and served me well and stuff.

Obviously its disappointing but I wanted to ask some questions

I also have a PS4

Is there anything I can do to prevent it from meeting the same fate at all in the future? I kept my PS3 on carpet a lot and stuff but did my best to clean it (I've never taken it apart though and cleaned on inside) in its like final last two years the fan on it got louder and louder over time.

And it only just died yesterday

I also have two PS2's a big one from 2002 and a slim model . My PS2 large is pretty beat up and disc tray is broken and shakey a bit but it still runs games extremely well and my slim works like its brand new.

Are newer consoles just more likely to break over long periods?

Do newer consoles require to be taken apart and cleaned on the inside and stuff

Also for anyone else who had this issue is the PS3 shot for good?

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@shiryu said:

@slacker_the_hacker: As someone who's a fan of Narita's work, can you answer this question for me?

Who's stronger: Claire Stanfield or Shizuo Heiwajima?

Always cool to meet a fellow Narita fan

As for the question

Both are considered the most powerful characters in their series and Narita himself stated that Claire, Shizuo and Ronnie were his third most powerful characters with Hawking from Vamp! being number two and one is a guy named Mod combatant from a short story Narita wrote (which I've never read)

But the short story is part of the Naritaverse (Nartiaverse is Vamp, Baccano, Etsusa Bridge and DRRR)

But its a hard question to answer....even if we didn't apply what Narita said

Claire is more skilled in general, very strong, faster and far vicious then Shizuo...but he's always holding back or is just like having fun.

Shizuo has wayyyy higher durability showings, strength feats and destructive capacity (heck Shizzy is pretty fast himself, dodging anti tank bullets that Voronoa fired at him)

Hard to judge

Author states they are equal

But from my own POV I'd say I'd place advantage ...depending where the location was.

Though I'd hope Shizuo would win XD

I prefer Baccano over DRRR but Shizuo is like my fourth fav Naritaverse character.....oh dear I'm rambling.....I ramble to much XD


Hope I helped

Its a stalemate or could go either way

I once did a thread about it here

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Weeeeell as someone who has read all the Baccano novels and as an advid fan of Captain America

I cans say without a doubt that Captain America has more feats then Claire Stanfield/Vino. Not that Vino isn't good but Vino's true prowess has never been displayed. Despite Claire being a great character he's a bit of a plot device in a way and any threat in Baccano at least physical wise tends to be totally crushed by him.

And he's always holding back or just playing with his enemy

The writer of Baccano even states that Claire could defeat the rest cast of Baccano (which consists of immortals and humans with super physical stats) in 30 pages or less. The only exception being a humanoid demon like being.

And even then apparently Claire can stalemate this demon.....yet its never showed.

Though Claire does have extremely good feats like warping steel, rolling out of the way of machine gun fire, ignoring bullet wounds, easily dodging rifle and pistol gun fire, a couple of shooting feats, defeating samurai with scissors,Vino over powered Homunculus/Vampire by speed blitzing him and just chokeslamming him, etc

And I can name more but Captain America has more feats in general against more superpowered beings also just more feats in general yet I feel Claire superior on paper. So its hard to pick I'd like to say Claire could win over CA.

Captain America- More feats in general and has fought far tougher enemies

Claire Stanfield- Better on paper and has extremely impressive feats when its just him holding back

Soooo cant quite say ...just yet

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1: Shirou (Fate route) vs Ciel (Post-Roa death)

2: Shirou (Unlimited Blade Works route) vs Ciel (Pre-Roa death)

3: Shirou (Heavens Feel route/With Archer's arm) vs Ciel (Pre-Roa death)

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@boringperson said:

Servants are simply superior to vampires in general. With an average mana supply I don't see how Nrv could even get past being run over by Rider ad infinitum.

C rank Noble Phantasm are the equivalent of A rank Great Magic. Rider's Gordius wheel is an A+ rank anti-army Noble Phantasm that is perfect for endlessly obliterating Nrv.

A bad type match up. Then again, there a rather few Servants that lose to anything in the Natsuverse. In their unbound state as Balancers they're basically made to be anti-reality warpers supplied with unlimited mana from reality itself.

@theorder14 said:

@scorpion2501: & u should not see it. Anyways, Rider wins. Sure, Chaos is going to be hard to permanently kill but that's all. He needs his beast to return to him to revive but that can be prevented by Rider's Noble Phantasm.

Well this match up wasn't my idea actually...well it was XD

Me and another Type Moon fan were having discussions of Servants vs Dead Apostles

This match up was one that came up with me supporting Rider and him more with the side of Chaos because he doesn't think Rider's reality marble will be enough to put Chaos down

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Random encounter

Rider of course being supplied mana

Battle takes place in Fuyuki

Win by death or knock out

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I'm not really sure how this is fair

Servants are pretty above Wolverine and Deathstroke types

Servants can fight and move at supersonic speeds plus prana bursts and Noble Phantasams

Why not put Wolverine and Deathstroke up against more street level Nasuverse characters?