The new 52, Gotham city, and more reasons to collect.

Its been one year since the launch of DC's new 52 #1's and I can say now, it has been such a great ride. Before the release I had a small collection of comics and I wasn't devoting that much of my time and money on it. When I heard about what DC was attempting to do, and hearing them talk about there goals, I was so on board. Prior to the release I was very intimidated with the vast universe and culture that was born of the very writers I love today. I didn't know where to start or how to begin, I can't just pick up somewhere and hope to get lost in a series of events, or expect to know what the heck there referencing to. As I researched more into what the new release was all about I had found salvation. The release was meant to package all of the Heroes' history and origins into brand new stories that teach you what they are all about, but at the same time offering a fresh timeline and not so overwhelming back story.

Batman was always so cool to me, the way he stood out from all of the others, his lack of powers, his costume, and even with the little knowledge I had of him, the darkness and internal struggle that haunted him. This is the part where I dove in and began walking the streets of Gotham to find a city with a deep secret and inter-connected caped crusaders. NightWing, Robin, Red Hood, Red Robin, all names I heard of, but didn't understand, and as the months went by my collection grew, along side my fascination. I began to care where these hero's went and why, each member of the Bat family giving me more and more pieces of history until I sat back and watched a story unfolding, its roots deeper then any tree I could plant. What this means for my collection is something I had always wished to have for comics, purpose. Batman to me is one of the greatest super hero's of all time, and he does not take full credit for that glory. The lives that he changed, the future that he shaped, and the city he continues to have hope for.

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