My Comics Adventure

I've been lurking around here for a couple of years, but Morbus's totally sweet Comic Vineyard inspired me to get back into the swing of things and become a little more involved.  I started collecting when my family moved from Carbondale, IL to Arlington, VA (right outside Washington, DC) in 1984.  I picked up an issue the Transformers for the car ride (along with tons of Mad Libs of course!).  I was quickly hooked, and moved on to G.I. Joe (A Real American Hero) and Elf Quest among other things.  One of the very first things I did on my family's brand spankin' new Apple IIc, was create a database of my collection using AppleWorks! 
Come high school, I got wrapped up in other things, and fell out of the hobby for a while.  It wasn't until about 6 or 7 years ago, I noticed some TPBs of Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man at a book store, and was immediately hooked again.  TPBs are also better suited to my storage space and time schedule, they're just easier to manage, IMHO.   
And here I am now, coming full-circle back to a database about comic books.  Comic Vine is fantastic, and the community is superb.  With the help of  The Dark Huntress,  jloneblackheart, and  aztek the lost, I've even been able to add my first volume, for the Superman: New Krypton TPBs!  As The Dark Huntress suggested, editing the database is totally addictive.  I can't wait to get into it full-on when I get home from my vacation! 

Rock on!

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