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What a waste of Cliff Chiang's art.

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On the one hand - good for Flash I hope its an awesome show.

On the other- what the **** happened to the Wonder Woman show?

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This is the third Geoff Johns story they've adapted. I get that he's DC's cash cow, an that he's chief creative office but c'mon! Adapt someone else's work. Or at least adapt some of Johns' good work. This was probably the very worst work of his career.

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Also Azz's Orion is kind of lame. Orion is supposed to be a man torn by his nature and nurture dichotomy. He has a rage that the motherbox masks and tames. The guy in the Wonder Woman book is just a Hal Jordan wannabe.

Can't say I agree with that. It's a departure from how Orion is usually handled, sure, but he's hardly Hal Jordon. Look at how he is with Milan; he sympathises with Milan's powers and that they cause him pain to use, but at the same time knows that he needs Milan's help so tries to get him to use them for him. With Lennox he reacts quickly with anger and constantly, and usually verbally, has to calm himself down. And then with Diana it's like he's trying to offend her, which is odd, but it almost feels like he;s trying to hard with her and has no idea how to speak to her.

I see quite a layered take on his character here, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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@darkman61288: Going by what War said in the #0 issue ("I be blood, I be guts, I be iron, I be War!") then I'd hazard a guess that volume three will be called Iron.

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It's good to see that Fury is still Diana's daughter, so i'm guessing she's Lyta then (or maybe has a new name).

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I feel like he's being a bit... sneaky... by saying Fury. Is this a new character who uses the moniker "Fury" or is she actually Lyta and therefore Diana's daughter? I hope it's the latter.

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Does it really matter? Plenty of writers, and fans, see her as bisexual and occasionally some writers put in a little bit of subtext (her relationship with Io is rife with bisexual/lesbian undertones, as is her one with Artemis) but it'll never happen in the comics. It's just a little bit of fan service that's occasionally thrown out there. So does it really matter? Let those who enjoy the subtext enjoy it, and those of you who don't can ignore it.

And would it really bother you that much if she was bi?