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Well, there's Armchair Directors and Tired Old Queen at the Movies. And then there's moviegeeksunited and Geekvolution (though, lately I mostly just watch GV's Smallville reviews and usually skip their other videos). I used to subscribe to almost 30 channels, but grew tired and dropped several of them. The four I mention, are the only ones left, that have actual shows, while others I still have are channels belonging to friends or film companies.

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I don't think Marvel's been shafting May and given Anya more chances. It's a simple question of Anya being part of mainstream, 616 (and can thus guest star in other books and take part in event like Grim Hunt and Spider-Island), continuity, while May's in another continuity (and can therefore not simply have guest spots in other, nor take part in events). The only way, May could show up in someone else's book, is by a multiverse crossover.

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Carnage is too much of a high profile character, that's linked to Spider-Man. If they give any of Pete's rogues to Kaine, they should go with more obscure/less used villains (like they've done with Venom).

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Haven't seen it in years, so I'm going by memory here (i.e. I'll likely miss something).

For starters, they sold it as a Catwoman movie, but what we got was a completely unrelated character, that had nothing to do with Selina.

Them using the ridiculous "brought back to life, by cats" thing from BR. And what's the deal here exactly? She's revived and suddenly have cat-powers. It's clearly not some cross-species genetics thing, but something mystical. But, they don't explore it. Has Patience simply been magically given cat-powers? Has she become an avatar for Bastet? Is she even Patience anymore (i.e. has she died and her body's been possessed by a cat-like demon, who thinks it's her)?

What's the deal with Frances Conway's character? Is she supposed to be one of the previous Catwomen? She acts like her cats talk to her, but neither is established. And after two scenes, she's never seen or heard from again, exept for a minor appearance in the ending.

The villain plot is stupid. Stone's character wants to sell a dangerous anti-aging cream, that damages your skin, if you stop using it (of course, if you keep using it, you become invulnerable). No one's life is in danger here. All that would happen, is that some women who stop using it (and gets their skin damaged), will sue the company. Stone goes to prison and is forced to pay for plastic surgery for all whom her product has disfigured.

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@mrdecepticonleader said:

How about neither?


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A few were left out of that video:

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Out of those that were included my favorites are 1 and 2. Technicolor movies of the early 40's, lacked the standard logo (as they didn't bother to re-shoot it in technicolor).

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Nah, I'd rather they keep Bruce on Earth. Perhaps introduce She-Hulk, as part of a subplot in TIH 2 (which would be followed by a Lady Liberators movie).

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@spinningbirdcake: The first X-Men movie introduced Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Professor Xavier, Rogue, Iceman (granted, in a smaller role), Magneto, Toad, Mystique and Sabretooth. They introduced cross-species genetics in TASM and will likely have continue with that theme, so we won't have to tackle multiple origins.

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There's Blue Snowman, The original Dr. Poison and Red Tornado (Ma Hunkel). Those are all I can think off, unless we count stuff like with Wanda Langkowski (when Walter Langkowski was briefly a woman) and/or shapeshifters like Mystique, who from time to time assumes the opposite gender.

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It can take years, to execute someone in the real world. By which time, the supervillain could've escaped and commited new crimes that he/she needs to be convicted for, before the execution (pushing the date back). Their powers could also make traditional methods of executions impossible. And it's not simply to just give them the chair. Unless the supervillain's killed some people, they wouldn't execute him/her (bank robberies aren't punishable by death).