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  • Rodger B. Pilote
  • Age - 28
  • Height - 6''1"
  • American / Caucasian
  • Occupation - Adventurer
  • Fraction - Good
  • Identity - Secret
  • Personality - "Why the Hell not!" Attitude
  • Source of power - Magic Item

Powers / Skills

  • Above Peak Human Athlete
  • Above Peak Human Strength (10 Tons)
  • Above Peak Human Speed (Mile in a Minute)
  • Skilled Fighter (H2H & Weapons)
  • Skilled Tracker
  • Flight
  • Invisibility / Intangent
  • Enhanced Visions
  • Healing Factor
  • Expert Marksmanship
  • Magical Unbreakable Skull & Fist

Magical Ring of the Skull

Ring Sword

Although it's origin is unknown it's past is shrouded in lores of magic. It will appear as any common ring but when activated it shines with a Skull. Upon activation it's owner is granted with the power of the magic skull. He is transformed into an above peak human specimen with an magical property's throughout his skull eyes and fists. If necessary the ring can produce a purple sword much like a light saber or a laser like whip. It also grants the user with a special suit and two side arms. Finally, even when not activated the ring will protect the wearer and refuse to leave his hand.

Magical Guns (Side Arms)

The Guns of the Skull do not operate as a normal fire arm would. These two twin pistols do not fire bullets. Instead they fire a magical force that ranges from stunning attack to a devastating force both, based on the spirit and psyche of the wielder. As a bonus feature these weapons never need loading or miss fire and being near indestructible they can be used as defensive items as well

The Suit (of the Skull)

  • Protection from most projectile attacks
  • Protection from Climate changes
  • Light weight and fully flexible
  • Chameleon Circuit (Invisibility) (Intangent)
  • Rope extension
  • Voice Manipulation
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Tactical Vision
  • Self Repairing
  • Magically appears upon activation
  • Immune to Telepathy


The Laid Back

Rodgers whole life was spent in the pursuit of an easy life. To him the less work he had to do the better off he was. So according to his philosophy he decided the best occupation for him would be, Captain of his own boat. He therefor spent every last cent he had and bought the S.S.Laid Back. It wasn't the best of ships, but it was his own. From that point on he expected to charter it out for fishing trips or just some drunk kids parties, but for some reason he just couldn't get any business. It was then he would make the second biggest decision in his life.

Still wanting to make a lot of money with little work, he decided to specialize in searching for treasure. Weather it be sunken treasure of the coast of buried treasure on a secluded island, Rodger would monopolize the trade. For months he would take any crackpot with a treasure map to any place they wanted to go, and at a fair price. He soon became synonymous with the trade and with it came bigger fees and on occasions bigger spoils. Soon Rodger found himself risking life and limb in the pursuit of treasure, and he enjoyed it. Every day he would place his life in greater danger, and mange to escape by the skin of his teeth.

Eventually Rodger became an Adventurer, willing to take anyone anywhere for both profit and action. Over years he became quite the athlete and fighter, looking for bigger and bigger excitement. Then one day, a elderly man charted his boat for what would be his greatest adventure. The man claimed to have a map to the mythical island know as "Skull Island". What's more, he claimed to know the location of it's magical treasure. Immediately they took off and after several life threating escapades they did indeed find the sacred Skull ring, a ring that legends said would grant it's wearer magical powers. It was then the man paying for the expedition tried to double cross Rodger and shot him in the back. But just before he died Rodger grabbed the ring and put it on. In that instant the room filled with a glowing purple light that when vanished left the man dead and Rodger alive and in full Skullken mode.

Now granted with unimaginable powers and a second chance on life, Rodger decided to use his skills to help those who can not help themselves. He still acts for profit but now that is no longer his main motivation. So when ever the chips are down and all hope is lost, never fear for Skullken is here to save the day!!!