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I've not much time to spend on it now, but sometime, i'll try to do a proper windows release.

Maybe if you launch it from a terminal, and tell me what the error messages are, i'll be able to fix it.

Thanks for your comment anyway.

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I've already talked about my comics manager made in python using the comicvine api. As requested by another user, I'm releasing the sources.

I've tested under linux and python 2.7. I don't know how it may work under windows.

It's in french but if you don't understand how to use it, let me know.

It's there:

I hope it will be useful.

To launch it you need to execute

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Ok, thanks. I've edited a few comics, either by looking at the cover if the date was on it (Tom strong for example) or by using other sources when the date for the other issues were similar. But if there is a doubt, I don't touch it.

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@aztek_the_lost: The problem is that sometimes, dates on CV are inaccurate. I'm using the CV api for a software I'm programming to manage my collection of comics. I use the cover dates to sort the comics in a same volume since sometimes there is some strange renumbering or for the 1/2 issues.

When the dates are inaccurate, the sorting is quite strange. For example, for Deadpool Max, I get this: 1-8,10,9,11-12

It is because, the cover dates in the database are:

#8: July 2011 ; #9: Aug 2011 ; #10: July 27 2011 ; #11: Oct 2011

The date for issue 10 is probably wrong.

Hence I'm looking for a way to find the correct date to update the database.

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I've noticed a few incorrect cover date in the database. Most of my comics are in boxes at my dad's house, hence I cannot look at them to find the correct cover date. I've found a website ( that provides such dates but I don't know how reliable those dates are.

I was wondering if it was possible to use the diamond code but it seems that it is highly unreliable, since some comics that are solicited in 2 consecutive months are shipped with covers dates a few months apart...

So, is there a reliable way to find those dates without the comics ?


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I've got the same problem with firefox on fedora 13. And the API isn't working either.

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After a few month without working on it, I've decided to finish my manager. It is now "usable". It is written in Python using wxPython. I use the ComicVine API to obtain the informations.    

Basicaly, you can add/remove comics in your collection by either searching for a new volume or selecting an already known volume.
It is full of bugs, some features are not implemented, but that's a first step.
I haven't added License informations to the files, but if some of you are interested to take a look at it, I can send you the files.
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It's perfectly clear.
I may use this solution because I've discovered that the issues in a volume are not necessary in chronological order. For my application, to avoid to download every details of every issue, I only download the informations of the first 10, then if I need I go to the 10 following, and so on. But if they are not in chronological order, it's less interesting...
Having the number of the issues in the volume page would be so useful for everyone.

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I have the same problem.
For the moment, I do exactly as you and I save the obtained data, so I don't have to query multiple times for the same issue. But it is not a very nice solution.

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I also agree for the issue number in the volume page, since I wouldn't have to request it from every issue just so I can sort them correctly.
And I was also about to ask for the "super" version of the covers in the image tag. It can easily be found, but having it directly in the API would be nice.
 Wao, the super version of the images is now on the API! Thanks a lot!

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