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Just read Age of Ultron #3, and I have to say that I am digging Taskmaster's new suit. Reminded me of the Udon comics Taskmaster from their Deadpool work (apart from the mask). Speaking of which, am I the only one who wishes Udon Taskmaster's outfit were brought to the mainstream?

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What about Hank Pym?

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So if its JUST Nova Prime, without the full power of the Nova force or the Worldmind, I give it to Glads. If it were Phalanx Nova or while he was battling the Sphinx most recently, I would definitely give it to Nova. Same goes for regular Nova with the Worldmind. Without Either Nova loses. Just ask yourself, could Glads take on Garthan Saal when he had the full Nova force?

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a)As well what is "full power Nova?" We talking Phalanx or post-War of Kings Nova (while he battled the Sphinx w/o Worldmind)? Or just regular Nova prime? I am inclined to think the former would be "full power."

b)As well are we counting Worldmind as an outside source?

If A) is true Nova just about regardless I guess, as he took on the power of two Ka stones. If A) is true then B) must also be as well (both of his "full power" situations he lacked Worldmind). SO the lack of Worldmind is a detriment for sure, but with the raw power of the full uninhibited Nova force I can still see him taking it.

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@czarny_samael666 said:

Nova thanks to prep. His shields are good enough to hold Kallark in place for tactic that was used against his cousin.

Already decided? I love Gladiator, but Nova is a powerhouse in his own right, and the World Mind can supply him with any tactic for damn near any situation immediately. Nova takes it especially with prep.

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@ghost_rider1: I beg to differ good sir. Vulcan has been shown to manipulate energy, both magical and other forms rendering most of Thor's more potent attacks ? ineffective? and at the same time charging Vulcan's own power. Blackbolt's voice I'd say is one of the more OP powers of Marvel. Blackbolt has also stood up against Gladiator and won. Blackbolt>Gladiator. Gladiator roughly = Sentry (up for debate, search the topics). Quick clarification... Sentry w morals essentially = no void right?

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Vulcan was able to manipulate Adam Warlocks Energy (pseudo-magic), so he likely could take a dent out of Thor's power. As well he survived a point blank scream from Blackbolt in War of Kings. In the Comics Sentry was afraid of Blackbolt, and I'd wager that BB could take down Sentry. Proof of this lies in how even Skrull BB (substantially weaker than real BB) still blew apart a good portion of the moon with a whisper, BB destroyed the remaining skrull armada in a whisper, and BB destroyed one of the Many-Angled-Ones of the Cancerverse (Shuma-Gorath's peeps. Pretty powerful). Blackbolt and Vulcan at the very least put up a fight (especially when blood lusted).

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I recall that Black bolt also busted up some big monster in the Cancerverse with one shout. Seemed like a pretty big deal at the time so my money is on Black bolt. Gotta give hulk props though. I think his (Hulk's) initial level of rage would also figure into the match a whole lot.

Note that this was in Future Foundation #7 after Vulcan and his' battle.

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So at the end of the Thanos imperative, (I'm sure you all can see where this is going) Nova apparently dies and the Nova force is lost 100% to the Cancerverse. As well Nova decided to keep what 3 Earth recruits as well as Frakture and the others? So how does Sam Alexander have any Nova force whatsoever? Not only has he appeared out of nowhere without any acknowledgment from the previous Nova Prime or the World mind, BUT his power source no longer even exists. So Jeff Loeb and BMB apparently don't read or acknowledge any other comics Marvel puts out? Gah....

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@kid Apollo: Agreed

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