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She should but its unlikely since azzarello still wants to focus on the Greek pantheon. Donna troy's origin should be the next direction since its unlikely this arc will last forever. He can do that while still focusing on the Greek pantheon but I doubt he is that flexible.

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I'm asking this question to find out what are the best single issues to read. I've got all the graphic novel recommendations listed and I would like to see the recommended single issues whether it'll be a special or an annual. Would love some recommendations.

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It's amazing that Kevin smith sided with batman considering how well he actually writes the character which as a batman fan myself isn't that good at all. Quite frankly Kevin smith as a batman writer sucks.

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Ponies lol

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Its mainly because in comparison to the others on that list they're both relatively new. Robin has been around for many years as well as having the mantle being passed down and while superboy may have existed for only twenty years the mantle has existed for far longer. Ultimately its really because the mantle of those characters have existed for such a long time and they had extensive media coverage while both wonder girls haven't. What they really need for them to get their own comic is more media coverage and exposure because I haven't heard of these two characters until recently.

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It's not easy to do, writers rarely touch on it because it would either seem out of place, out of character or make her less sympathetic and sometimes when she does it falls flat. However she is a lot more lighthearted than the other two members of the trinity and that's really the thing that appeals to me the most about this character.

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They should and if Wonder Woman can please teach her some lessons in humility that would be great because I just can't stand the current version and they should bring back Donna troy.

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It was done in joe Kelly's run on JLA but it ended in a very contrived way.

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It's because they think that it won't sell as well as the ones with batman and superman or the justice league. The reason for this is varied but the main reasons it didn't sell as well were for the following reasons, many were not fans of Wonder Woman and weren't going to give it a go, a lot of people (including yours truly )have seen some truly awful female superhero films and were not about to fork out money to sit through another one, some were reluctant and just waited for the reviews in order to see if it was safe which took a while and other people just simply didn't know about it. It made more money than the green lantern film that came out later, but the reason he got another film was simply to cash in on the live action film and same goes for the reason that he got an animated show( which I've also enjoyed but sadly its being cancelled). The only way they would be willing to make a sequel would either be to cash in on a live action film or a successful animated show(like mask of the phantasm was for B:tas).