Green Lantern Issue by Issue #2 - Showcase #23

Alright! I've managed more than one update! I bet this how valid human beings feel all the time.

To business!

"Everything else is just grist to the mill."

"Summons from Space" - This story is kind of interesting for several reasons. First of all, it represents the first time that the enigmatic Guardians of the Universe contacted Hal Jordan in the pages of DC comics (his internal monologue implies that he's received instructions from them before, but this is first we've seen of it). Secondly, it's the first time we see him travelling through space, and using his ring to translate. Third, and most importantly, it's the first time I can think of that Hal uses his ring to callously imprison a seemingly intelligent group of aliens and leave them to die. I say "seemingly" because they're never shown speaking, but the "humans" on Venus tell Hal that the winged raiders are out to become the top race on the planet, which is a fairly complex motivation for a simple predator. All Hal cares about, though, is that they aren't human, so he seals them up in a cave and leaves them to the inevitable cannibalism that is their only recourse. The Venutian humans celebrate the slow death visited upon their enemies, and Hal returns home to make time with Carol.

Despite its reduced size, cancer rates tripled.

"The Invisible Destroyer" - Hal has a run-in with the thief the papers have dubbed the Invisible Destroyer, and quickly discovers that his ring doesn't work on it. I know what you're thinking, random person that stumbled across this blog, "Is it because the Destroyer's costume is yellow, or he has a yellow aura, or something equally stupid?" No! As Hal later finds out, his ring doesn't work this time because the Destroyer is imaginary. It turns out that, for no discernible reason, famed scientist Dr. Phillips created him with his mind. Hal uses his ring to find out the villain's plans, causing the Destroyer to materialize and confess that he's been absorbing radiation from various locations in order to make himself corporeal. The Destroyer then escapes, and detonates a nuke off the coast. Hal manages to shrink the blast, then deals with the Destroyer, which appears to also destroy the part of Phillips' brain that created him. So, the day is saved! Except for, you know, the scientist that Hal lobotomized.

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