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@virgin4life said:
" @Eva said:
"  I also agree with Vance, not enough hoeroes. Asian women are more popular. What about Asian men? I only know Sunfire and he's ok.  "
asian men arent sexy "

WHAT?! Asian men are so very sexy! I was wondering why there are no Asian male comic book heroes, myself. 

Also, are there any characters of Korean descent? It seems that with the exception of Karma (who's Vietnamese), all of Marvel's (few) heroes of Asian backgrounds are either of Chinese or Japanese heritage. 

I also take issue with how "whitewashed" the Asian gals look most of the time. I've seen so many images of Psylocke or Surge with big blue eyes. 
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Scarlett Johansson. She's got the hair, the eyes, pouty lips, curves. She'd look foxy in a catsuit.