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I'm Nina. Some people call me "Neener", some people call me "Ninsy", and some people don't call me.

Anyway, I've always had a tremendous fascination with superheroes. While never following any titles religiously, I always found the idea of the vigilante outsider appealing. This love of outsiders and subcultures would prompt eventual interests within the realms of gender and sexuality, and race and ethnicity.

Unfortunately, my love of superheroes was something I was forced to hide during my childhood years. I was already somewhat of an outcast among my peers, and my interest would not have exactly boosted my popularity.

It was only upon entering an art and art history program in university that I was admired for being a quirky, spunky, self-proclaimed "superhero dork". That facet of my identity is something I now embrace.

The superhero (particularly the superheroine) is a figure to which I relate more strongly than ever as I mature into adulthood. I've always imagined myself as an ass-kicking female warrior, and as I become more independent, that alter-ego has slowly begun to surface.

As a young artist, I investigate the development of my own identity in relation to my idolization of the superheroine. At the core of my works lies my subversion of binaries or good/evil, and male/female. Through my art, I demonstrate that empowerment is derived from the freedom to explore the possibilities of my identity.

And for those who aren't into art proper, I make superhero jewellery, too! If you're ever at FanExpo in Toronto be sure to check out my stuff! 

Stay fierce!