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@lifeofvibe Gonna make it real simple and what it's really all about at every core of most people's hate for anything but the original (regardless if its a snack, food, shirt, school, or anything else) and I might get some backlash for my blunt response but here goes anyway.

It's because it was Harley's first costume and symbolized her at her most "innocent." A lot of fans were raised with BTAS Harley, even me, while they were growing up and have trouble seeing her any other way because of either pure nostalgia clouding their judgement or making the unwise move to put a fictional character in a franchise that always evolves on the same pedestal and emotional respect to a real family member or pet. Making Harley more mature and more fitting to her role as the popular psychopathic moll is the equivalent, to the most hardcore of fans, to making Peter Pan grow up and be an adult and get a job. It's pure blasphemy to these type of fans and it creates the feeling that possibly the only good thing in their childhood is tainted and perverted now or the only thing that was purely "innocent" about Harley is taken away. It's all about what is innocent or pure at the end rather than actually analyzing and criticizing the concept in order to make it a better character.

I could say a lot more about this topic but I think @dr_harlequin covered it more on this topic.

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Hey guys! Finally got a proper holiday break for me and now I'm able to comment on the going-ons with Harley. looks like most of you REALLY missed the whole point to Harley's methods to her madness in Detective 23.2 but then again, I think some other people did so I'm gonna have to explain it to where the issue makes sense to you guys.

The reason why Harley did what she did in 23.2 is because she still has leftover feelings for the Joker (which was even commented on by Deadshot in the second-last page of the comic) and in the attempt to get his attention again, she decides to concoct a scheme fitting to the Joker's style in a major effort to please him again. As we all know and especially Harley, Joker does not discriminate when it comes to who or what he kills.

This scheme is parallel to the one she used in Mad Love to get rid of Batman to please the Joker, the only difference is that this scheme is more lethal and city-wide.

The biggest thing that you guys are forgetting is that Harley is a certified psychopath and has enabled and worshiped the Joker for decades on screen and in comics, even killing men and women for him to get his attention and love; what makes you guys think for a moment that kids are not part of the equation every time Joker decides to kill and grabs Harley to assist? Do you realize how many times we've seen Joker threaten to gas or kill the population in Gotham all these years? If Harley was able to assist Joker in mentally torturing a pre-teen Robin in the Batman Beyond movie in another attempt to get back at Batman, there really isn't much of a huge gap or effort for Joker to really manipulate and bait Harley to killing kids to prove her love to him in an effort to further control her.

Regardless of how you guys are chilled by the issue or not, her actions are consistent with her core character and just goes to re-illiterate again how dark and unhinged her love and obsession for the Joker really is.

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Possible. Although Jimmy doesn't have as much sarcasm and a tongue-in-cheek humor as Terry. For the most part and reading Ultimate Comics X-men, Jimmy strikes me as just another logan clone with blond hair and teen angst.

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Woops! Typo. Meant Kitty Pryde, Beast, Storm, Bobby Drake, or Rachel Grey as answers.

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This is for those who've been keeping up with WATX.

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Woops! Typo. The answers are Kitty Pryde, Beast, Storm, Rachel Grey, or Bobby Drake.

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So nothing bad is happening, its genuine good news for us.

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Stormwatch is staying around, for now.

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Without the Liefield version.

Read StormWatch #20 - #22.

And we'll be seeing more of him because....he's joined StormWatch against his will just like what happened to him in L.E.G.I.O.N.

Rejoice, fellow Lobo fans, he's officially back and here to stay.

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Dude, I'm guessing you've never read the last two issues of Stormwatch. Lobo's been retconned back to the Rob Zombie version we know and love.