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Hey tiny thongs 0

I did not realize this till I read it again for the review but this book dose justice to the 100% splash page design. If you look it over all the adds are in the back and that works out well. I want to paint this book on my walls. I go on and on about the art work a lot but this book is just so beautiful the lines the colors the strange and oftentimes otherworldly concepts are displayed in such beautiful brush strokes. It is a crime if you are not reading this book. It shows that not all superhe...

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Everybody Big Smiles 0

I feel as if I need to start on the artwork of this book. I don't know how to describe it, it is one of the more beuitifully illustrated books I have ever seen, it's a shame they even have speech bubbles to block all the art I should be seeing on these pages. The lines are as chaotic as one would imagine carnage to be and it's a true display of what artwork should be. Now the writing is just as good. I know why he is there it's just to cause chaos. The opening plot device is a bit strange, seems...

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I can yo-yo my awsome 0

This is an interesting book, the lineup fits well it's a good balanced team but the new member may upset that a bit. I'm not sure what a fat then skinny guy brings to the team. I get what there going with bringing in never before seen people dose mix things up. I like the neck bombs, they seem to add this bit of tension to the book, they can't take forever on a mission or they will die, that is how you add drama to a book. Every member has a back-story, and as we find some clash with others. Dia...

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Quick Team To the Twilight Zone 0

This book knows what it is and knows where it's going. It's hard to get a good feel for something by the first issue but I find this book almost philosophical. The team is going up against the impossible and the improbable, that's what there mission statement is, and that blows the door wide open. You have a heavy hitter who is full of hate you have Namor, who has been described as "The Water One", a man whose roots are in the art of fighting and a shimmering hippie on a surf board. His most ama...

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We have this stuff called Science 0

Avenging spider man confuses it's purpose with me. Spiderman is featured on 2 teams of Avengers, and has his own book, but this book is just a little bit different. This book seems to focus on the melee and bam boom pow of the super hero world. In both issues we have 2 major fights, some better than the others some longer than the others, it's all very fun. The artwork is all gritty and grimy as is expected and it never leaves me lost. It's all very organic and well laid out. This book feels lik...

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Cibo-whaath 0

It's strange, I don't know what brought me to this book, when you get down to it the premise makes no sense it's strange it's weird at times over the top and goofy, however, I know what makes me stay. With Savoy having kidnapped Olive it looks as if he is training his own little robin, a true Gal Friday to whatever he is. With Tony still down in the dumps over being a traffic cop there wasn't much for him to do in this issue and there is no loss in that. John Layman loses nothing when he draws a...

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Better Red Than Dead 0

From the first issue I wondered where DC would take this book. My major issue was that Atrocitus was the only one with a back-story or any sort of dialog aside from RAWWWWWWWW. I think this book was my answer, we now know the backgrounds of 2 of the corps members and the name of 3 that we didn't before and it excites me.The first issue sets up the position in the universe , the second the chain of command, and the third the driving force. It's no surprise that red is the main color of this book,...

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Flash Ahhhhhhhhh 0

This new series has added an interesting aspect to flash and that's that his speed is now full body. It has always been the case that he could accelerate himself and use that in different ways, but they are now playing more with his mind then they ever have. The question then becomes how far or thin is he stretching himself. That undertone fascinates me to keep reading. Mob Rule I think cements itself as one of the villains that can offer a unique challenge to the Flash. The Scarlet Speedster ha...

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School of Rock.......Monsters 0

This book is one of those rare books that his all the major points for me. The art work is something I have never seen before everyone is expressive and unique. Kitty feels like kitty and Logan feels like Logan. Iceman is not one of the characters I expected to shine, and this is in a book full of some of the most obscure X-Men I can think of. The display of new abilities from Iceman is out of left field but just made me smile. On a side not I have no idea why they have been drawing him like a w...

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Rock me Amadeus 0

What can be said about a western book in 2011. I hate to say in the back of my head I feel that without the movie "True Grit" this book would never have been made, that's not really a bad thing. Where this book shines is with the people around Hex. Hex himself is not all that complicated, like most gunmen he is a brooding cowboy with a chip on his shoulder the size of a Bengal Tiger. However the villains of this book, the creepy death cult people and the kidnappers are what draws me as a reader....

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Sea-Slestacks attack 0

I was never a fan of the Fish-King, but this is the book to change my mind. This series really opens your eyes to what Aqua-man's fault was. The hero was there he was just never written quite the right way. He only ever concerned himself with the ocean and he never really chose a side. Mr Johns is doing to Mr.Curry what he did to The big green Spark and taking a new approach. This is the first big battle we have seen in a book and a nice little display of what he can do against a large group. It...

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Take a look in this book Murder RAINBOWWWWWWWW 0

With the new 52 coming out I was worried about the other Lanterns. Yellow will always be a staple as the polar opposite of the green and the main enemy but with the fresh Corps the roots are not so deep. The New Guardians is the outlet that the other corps need. They made a smart choice that without Hal they should not have all of the main Lanterns of the other corps as the stars of this book, rather, we see the more supporting members that don't get enough time to shine. We all love glomp after...

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How many sentinels dose it take to murder a light bulb 0

We have our new string of X-Books on the run and picking up steam. Each one of the books has that handful of unique team members staring in it and that is the big keystone to a good series. The story itself has me hooked, this addresses the questions of, "What if a country is more concerned about people than Mutants." The way it's handled shows that Mr.Gischler is the type of writer who will bring new things to the table. Yes we have an old enemy but it's presented in such a new way. I love any ...

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Something Something Something Will 0

Green Lantern Corps is a beautiful book. Not just the cover, it's the overall book. I love seeing each and ever one of the Lanterns in the background, sometimes I give them nicknames. That aside they really know how to do a book, each member as it's own personality and quarks and we can see how they really act in these times of desperation. They are up against a force that is insurmountable. Something that they can have no affect on, something they have never faced before. I have said it before ...

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I think they just want to make Zero as gross as possible, I do love him as a philosopher. Velosidad, will meet a sad end, we all see it coming and that is a dark cloud hanging over this title. Now this issue, is pretty good. We start it off with an all out brawl between some of the core X-Big guns and the Lights. I think Pixie has made a nice edition to the team, she balances out the need for a Porter/Majic user on the team. The lights have always been an interesting mix. This is a set up issue,...

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On the Blink 0

I loved the Exiles, old and new it was always a good series, but I'm a sucker for Elseworlds. Blink was sort of their leader, a girl who can port and throw a good port knife. I was both saddened by her death and happy to see her back to the living. I have been waiting for a bit of a spotlight on the Blinker and this is what we've been waiting for. Regennesis didn't stop Unfinished Buisness and that relives me. I was worried that all we would get out of it was Skinny Cable. The book starts and en...

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Nothing Lost Nothing Gained 0

I have read the Avengers Academy from issue one and have been a big fan of it from the start. I am especially excited to see the new students on the field. However, having said that this wasn't much of an issue. I don't know if it seemed rushed or if it seems slow I guess there just wasn't much going on. We got to see some character development between Quicksilver and Finesse, who have developed a very intriguing student teacher relationship. I didn't much care what else went on in the issue, no...

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BatFacade 0

I think this is a strange point for the book. BatGirl just witnessed an entire train of people die, I guess she has ben hardened by years as part of the BatFamily, I just don't see it. The stuff with the mirror was good don't get me wrong, however, this seemed to step away from that about half way through. I get it that Barbrat wants to do things on her own and dosn't want the rest of the family getting involved. She just got out of the wheel chair and she wants to prove something. She doesn't w...

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Seeing Red 0

Ill start off by saying that it's nice to see WebHead or really any hero being perfectly reasonable. He isn't going to take down a massive robot, there is no reason to attack some birds, and he has a really hard time getting around. Poor Spider-Man is a sad sad boy with no time on his hands. Let me also say that this is a very interesting issue. I don't know what to think about it, is it a spider man title or is it more of a team up issue. I don't know, I love his banter with big red. It could u...

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6 psycos and a baby 0

It's hard not to love Harley Quinn. She came into our lives in the tender years of the 90's in a cartoon that got a lost of us hooked on comics in the first place. Now she is trussed up in every skimpy outfit she can find. I have to say that the Anti-Hero that I latch onto for this book is El Diablo. He seems to me like someone on a legitimate path for redemption, not like the rest of these schmucks. I feel like the reason most of the Squad is there is so that they can kill without having to sha...

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Turn the beat a POW 0

Wow, when I first started to read this book I thought it would be another brooding old fashioned, "What am I", type of book. I was ready to let this be my last issue, but that was before I cracked the cover. What I found was a fun, understandable and almost relate-able Superboy. His inner naration is fascinating, he is like an autistic child he doesn't understand the world around him and from that confusion leads to his own discovery. He is written like you think he would be written, an ignorant...

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The Big Purple Cheese 0

I like this series don't get me wrong. It's got good art and a solid story it just dose not fill me with excitement to get this book every week. I'm keeping up with it with the hope that it will soon get better it's just hard to read somethign that I have seen a thousand times before. Here we have a very strong female character, who they often used to explore the more seedy aspects of real life. She is going after the urban slave trade, not an issue we often see in comics and it's nice to see a ...

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Let's get down to Buisness 0

This issue made it pretty clear that Hal dose not look at the bigger picture. We can all hope that that is what he takes away with this, when it comes to the inevitable explosion that we are all expecting. Isn't that all of what we know will happen. What I love about this issue and the past 3 is that it is made painfully clear that no matter how many years Mr.Jordan has had that ring he has no idea what the true extent of it is. Before Sinestro he was making ropes and beams, with the rare giant ...

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New Schism 0

This issue takes the New Mutants into an interesting New direction. The New Mutants has always been a strange team to me, it's not all mutants and some of them have been around for a while so where dose the New come in. This issue reminds us that it's not just a team for the green horns of the group but it's also for those who need a new start. Even with the re-opening of the school and Utopia we have 2 teams that are still stuck in the past. Moonstar sees this and knows where they need to go. I...

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