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I had to go with Green Goblin. Only one to complete wreak havoc Peter's life both in and out of costume. In fact, how many of them were also running the Avengers and SHIELD (well, hammer) during Dark Reign? When he made his return from the "dead" in the late 90s, the tagline was something along the lines of "Spider-Man's greatest enemy isn't the Green Goblin, it's Norman Osborn."

Also a big fan of Sandman. Especially liked him when he was playing the hero with Silver Sable and the Wild Pack.

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Sorry if someone else already pointed this out, but when I first saw the picture, before I read the title I thought they were making a Mission: Impossible comic and that was Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt character instead of Dick.

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I agree with you both your pros and cons.

Back in the 90s, I looked forward to the events because they tended to be more annual and less piled on top of each other. AoA will always be one of my favorite story lines and crossovers, mainly because it was so unique for its time and there was obviously a lot of time and energy spent into making a well crafted story as well as planning for what happened next. I would love to see these events be more limited and NOT having to continually tie into each other. Last year's Age of Ultron was barely a blip on the radar before Infinity came out.

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I am a huge Taskmaster fan, but even without time travel or teleporting Spiral has enough other abilities that she would probably win. I think it would be close and I would LOVE to see Tasky take it, but...

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@awesam said:

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If this is the full cast, I would be totally happy. But I have to wonder if Hawkeye will cameo. He is a SHIELD agent after all.

I don't think so. Black Widow's usually more involved with Captain America than Hawkeye. Maybe they're planning a solo movie.

Or maybe he's the corpse in the trailer.

I was thinking that, but it seemed unlikely for him to be insignificant enough to not appear in the trailers, but die in the movie. Could be Fury or Bucky... or some unnamed agent.

If it is Hawkeye, maybe they want it to be a surprise? If it's Fury, then I don't think he's really dead. He's the type to fake his own death to go off the grid.

LMD anyone?

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At 2:08, Black Widow, Cap and Maria Hill looking over someone's covered corpse?

My thoughts are Fury, especially judging from Hill's body language and the way he's all over the trailer.

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I agree with keeping the roster small. It fits their purpose.

Why all the hate for Beast? He's been an X-Man, an Avenger, and was Xavier's "heir" to the Infinity Gem. Given his intellect, experiences, connections, and the fact that he's one of my all time favorite characters (okay, the last one isn't a solid reason lol) I think he's a great fit.

Magneto or Cyclops would be hard considering their current status as terrorists, but I am intrigued by the thought of Magneto being a member of the Illuminati. I could have bought Charles leaving him the gem too.

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Uncanny Avengers
Mighty Avengers
Secret Avengers

I'm at a loss for a 5th at the moment, but Avengers just took a turn for the better recently.

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- Superman is a boring character

- Mega Man is the best "old school" video game character

- The Dark Knight Rises was a hugely disappointing movie

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How many people voted Hufflepuff just because RPats played Cedric?