100 X-men & Villians

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Posted by gui22

cool list.

Posted by Aspenite

Awesome list!

Posted by rogue_mar1e

that's a good list :)

Posted by Pheonix of the white throne
@rogue_mar1e said:
"that's a good list :) "

@Aspenite said:
"Awesome list!"

@gui22 said:
"cool list."

Ditto Ditto and.......Ditto
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Posted by doomsilver

nice list
Posted by ZaberCat

Excellent list!
Posted by ddaann1985

Good list!!  Only thing....Kitty is ranked waaay to low :)

Posted by Icon

epic list

Posted by Blob

Good list but for a minute I was worried and upset that Blob ALMOST didn't make the cut lol but he got #46! Should be higher but hey it's your opinion.

Posted by ccraft

x-men woot! Great list!