Comic book movies 2010

A few comic book movies have come out this year Kick-Ass, The Losers, and on the way Iron Man 2. I have not seen Kick-Ass or the Losers yet. I am hoping to go to Iron  Man the day it comes out. I have heard good things about Kick-Ass but mixed reviews about The Losers. So I don't know if I should go see them or wait for the DVD.


The end of Wolverine Origins?

 So I was reading on and it said that Wolverine Origins #50 would be the end of the series. I read on Comic vine that Daken will get his own book Daken: Dark Wolverine and Wolverine will get a new series. So what do you guys think will happen to the Dark Wolverine book? Will it end, be renumbered, or will Daken have two books?

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To many X-men x-overs

When there is a X-men event like Second Coming you have to buy comics you would normally not get. It kinda bugs me but that's how publishers sell more comics. 
It's not just X-men each hero or group of heroes has more than one book about them. I would like mini-series if they came out on time. X-men have had a lot of events lately maybe when Second Coming is over they will take a break. Unlikely.