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Unless Asura can somehow survive a black hole appearing in his chest, or has somehow developed defenses against telepathy(which he hasn't shown), then the Surfer can take him out with a single move.

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Midnighter is an annoying character in CV style matches.

The way his Battle computer works, is that if there is any chance of him winning, he wins.

The only way he loses, is if he is so outmatched, that there is absolutely no way for him to with the fight.

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In no particular order:

Max Faraday

Jenny Quantum

Mad Jim Jaspers

Superman-Prime(One Million)

Kain/Cain(Vampire: The Masquerade/Vampire: The Requiem)

High-end Mages(Mage: The Ascension/Mage: The Awakening)

Lucifer Morningstar/Michael Demiurgos(pre-flashpoint)

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"A human DNA molecule is completely different from the DNA molecule of another animal. The same goes for other animals. They are two completely different molecules no matter how similar they may be."

Of course it is. But that doesn't mean that one should ignore, or overlook, the similarities between the DNA of humans, and the DNA of various other animals.

Like the fact that the number of genetic differences between humans and chimps is ten times smaller than that between mice and rats.

"I believe the study of biology, studying the function of all a life-forms parts and how it came to be is valuable but acting like humans are born from something inhuman is stupid. All things came from something that wasn't themselves, the infinite force and nonstop forces of the universe and the creator of it."

I suppose you have an explanation then, for why all the evidence points towards just that, namely that evolution is true?

Like having an explanation for vestigial organs and limbs?

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DC team takes it.

In this contest, Strange is essentially carrying his team, and Pre-Crisis Fate has him beaten in terms of power.

On the DC team, the only one that isn't obscenely powerful(unless my memory is completely off) is Wonder Woman.

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In no particular order:

Hope Summers

Franklin Richards

Marquis of Death

Scarlet Witch

Mister M

Mad Jim Jaspers



Jamie Braddock



Dark Phoenix(that some people have on their lists) is technically not a mutant, it's not Jean Grey, it was the Phoenix Force in a copy of Jean's body.

White Hot Room/White Phoenix, again the majority of the powers are not that of a mutant, it is the power of the Phoenix Force.

Hope and Mimic, have the potential to best anyone on the list(in terms of raw power), which is why they are on my list. Synch can do the same, to a lesser degree.

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1. It seems the OP has been edited by the author, turns out my assumption was correct.

2. And I never said that the MC is useless in terms of hand-to-hand combat. What I have said(and rightly so) is that in terms of hand-to-hand combat, Cap has far more experience than the MC.

3. As I already mentioned Cap is primarily superior in terms of mental stats, the Spartans are noted as having increased Intelligence, Memory, and Creativity. While for Cap, all of his mental stats are increased in the same way as his physical ones. Iirc, Cap also heals faster than the MC/Spartans.

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Batman's more impressive showings of prep. tends to rely on PIS and plot devices.

The Doctor seems to almost purely rely on plot devices.

Thanos' seems to rely on PIS.

Constantine's most impressive prep feats seem to rely on his House(which amounts to a plot device).

And Doom, while seemingly less reliant on PIS and plot devices than the others, tends to fall to his own arrogance regardless of how good his prep is.

That said, with no calling on allies, Batman has no way to deal with magic. Which means that he has no way to deal with Doom and Constantine, and possibly Thanos(who does have some knowledge of the mystical arts).

The Doctor doesn't even know that magic exists, which puts him in much the same boat as Batman.

Thanos is a bit of a wildcard, since he is, without prep, so stupidly superior to everyone else.

Which leaves us with Constatine and Doom(and the wildcard).

Given Doom's tendency to fall to his own arrogance, I would give that one to Constantine. Especially because Constantine is the kind of guy who would be able to use Doom's arrogance against him, and essentially get Doom to take himself out. Without the arrogance, Doom would take it easily.

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1. Anyone that knows anything about the two characters, knows that it's a stomp if MC is in his armor. Thus, it seems safe to assume that the MC is not wearing the armor in this match.

2. I said "usable" experience. Which is simply the truth. The vast majority of the MC's experience is armed combat(firearms). For Cap on the other hand, the vast majority of his experience is close-combat.

3. No, he really doesn't. And I'm not assuming, I am aware of the MC's capabilities. But while he's most definitely impressive, without his armor he is not noticeably superior to Cap(there are even a few areas where Cap is superior, primarily in the mental areas). The MC's biggest advantage, in terms of raw stats, is the fact that his skeleton of far more durable than that of Cap.

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Cap wins all rounds.

Without his armor(as I assume is the case in this fight) the MC has not shown anything that makes him superior to Cap in terms of stats, by any noticeable margin.

Also, this is hand-to-hand.

1. This is pretty much what Cap specializes in, Cap has the MC out-skilled by a ridiculous degree.

and 2. Cap has far more usable experience than MC.

Cap should be able to win with a minimum amount of difficulty.