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The two most impressive speed feats for the Shrike(imo) are:

1. When Rhadamanth Nemes is phase shifted and in "fast time"(phase shifting causes her to be slightly displaced in space-time, while "fast time" is an ability that allows her to move massively faster than light), the Shrike seems to suddenly appear in front of her. The first sign she has of this, is that it suddenly becomes darker, something she states should be impossible while in "fast time". The Shrike then proceeds to essentially rip her apart. This is also an impressive strength feat, since her durability while phase shifted is insane. Earlier, she is blasted by a sustained energy beam from a space ship, and buried in molten rock, and she comes out of it completely unharmed.

2. When Fedmahn Kassad was wearing a suit that replicated many of the Shrike's abilities, it is described that he saw a beam of laser as a static(non-moving) line in the air. Despite that speed, the Shrike appears to Fedmahn Kassad, as if it is simply appearing and disappearing in different spots on the battlefield.

On top of it's raw speed, the Shrike has time manipulative abilities, which allows it to essentially slow time for itself, similar to what Zoom does to make himself super-fast.

Additionally, the Shrike can travel through "The Void Which Binds", which is Planck Space that connects all of space-time, allowing it to effectively teleport to any point in time and space, instantaneously.

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@redzkz: The Shrike is so fast that the two new trophies might as well be standing still.

They have absolutely no way of hitting it, and it can tag them at it's leisure.

And even if it doesn't have the raw power to immediately penetrate their shields, it can do it by simply battering down their shields instead.

And on the off chance that it can't do it alone, it can create thousands of temporal copies of itself, by doing miniature jumps in time. Then the army of Shrikes can do what the single Shrike was having difficulties with.

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The Shrike gets 2 new trophies for his tree.

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Depends on whether "mcu" stands for Marvel Comics Universe, or Marvel Cinematics Universe...

If it's the former, then the Marvel mutants stomp, if it's the latter, somewhat extended to include the X-men movie franchise(which I've seen in other battles), then the Heroes people stomp.

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To answer the OP: It depends on the scenario.

In a random encounter, or a standard arena-style match with no prep. time, she would get taken down by anyone with sufficient speed and striking power, i.e. a random superman-style character could realistically beat her, since that character could land a hit before she has time to react, and it becomes a matter of the character's striking power vs. her durability.

In a scenario more favorable to her, such as one with a small amount of prep. time, her more esoteric abilities comes into play, at which point she is able to fight at a higher power level.

In raw destructive power, she is a low-,to mid-level planet killer, so anyone with the durability to take/tank that kind of punishment would have a decent chance(the more esoteric abilities not withstanding). She also has durability at a similar level to her destructive power, so anyone with enough destructive power to go through that, and make it stick, would have a decent chance as well.

All in all, in a random encounter, or arena-style match without prep. she's kinda weak-ish, but in a match with some prep, she's a low, medium-level character all-round, with her more esoteric abilities making it up for her relatively low(for that level) speed, raw destructive power, and durability.

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1. You're right about the SoK being buried under a mountain, I forgot about that. But the point still stands, it would just take more to immobilize him.

2. No, God in Preacher was not intangible, at least not all the time.

Here Jesse pushes his hand away, when God puts his hand on Jesse's shoulder

And here, you see blood that has spattered on God's arm/hand, after the SoK has killed him.

Both of which very clearly shows that he is not always intangible.

3. All things considered, no, it's not particularly impressive that he killed Satan and the heavenly host. There's nothing in Preacher that demonstrates the angels being much more impressive than normal humans, aside from their wingspan. And there is no mention of what kind of power Satan held, aside from obviously being more powerful than your average angel.

Bottom line: The SoK doesn't have the feats to take out anyone on the list, let alone clearing most, or all, of the list as some people would like to claim he is capable of.

To repeat what I said earlier:

The SoK is one of the most wildly overrated characters I've seen, with almost zero feats to back up the insane hype surrounding him.

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With the qualifier of "win by any means", every one on the list is capable of stopping him.

  • The best durability feat from the SoK was tanking a nuke with no injuries.
  • The SoK has shown absolutely no defense against telepathy and mind control, something almost all of the above are capable of.
  • The SoK uses a gun, a weapon that actually has to hit a solid target in order to injure them, which makes it effectively useless against intangible targets(which both Alucard and Dr. Manhattan are capable of).
  • While the SoK has shown some degree of super strength, he has no feats suggesting he would be able to get out on his own if he was buried under a mountain, or anything else of that caliber(again, something that all of them are capable of).

"He has killed God"

He was only able to kill God because he(god) was not in his throne(which was what gave him omnipotence).

The SoK is one of the most wildly overrated characters I've seen, with almost zero feats to back up the insane hype surrounding him.

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Mismatch/Spite. Flagged.

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Without Chi, IF wins after a good fight.

With Chi, IF wipes the floor with him.

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@princearagorn1: Apologies for the (very)late reply.

That said, let's get on with it:

"I'm 100% certain the 'gravity didn't change' is mentioned nowhere in the series, ever. Since your argument is based on it, I'm going to ask for proof. Because when something is damaged, it's gravity has to change, near compulsory."

1. You're right, flat out saying that "it didn't change", is claiming knowledge I don't actually have. I retract the statement and apologize for the misunderstanding. The correct statement would be that there is no indication that it(the gravity of the planet) ever changed.

"I don't have to. When an object that size attracts has 10x earth's gravity, there's no other explanation possible at all."

Not true. I have already given one possible, other, explanation.

And to repeat a statement I've made before(in this thread iirc), we're talking about a universe where the destruction of the Moon had no negative impact on the Earth, where the Moon has(or at least had) a breathable atmosphere, and where moving faster than sound doesn't generate sonic booms. That the real world laws of physics are not entirely valid, is pretty obvious. And "real world laws of physics" is the only thing that you seem to be basing your statement, about the correlation between mass and gravity, on.

In comparison, the explanation of "magic"(for the lack of a better word), seems far more reasonable, all things considered.


"I was under impression that when the Bills made the planet explode, it's core imploded and formed the extremely dense but tiny planet. Similarly like when a star explodes it leaves behind a neutron star, or a black hole.

But even if we grant the possibility that King Kai used the magic to increase the gravity of the planet, we need to take into consideration what kind of magic Kai's were shown to have.

Kai's were shown to be able to increase the mass of an object like here for example"

1. Just like princearagorn1, you seem to be basing your statements on real world laws of physics, which is silly at best.

2. No, the Kais were not shown increasing the mass, they were shown increasing the weight(there's a difference). How, exactly, they changed the weight, is information we are not actually given.