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@kangconquers: I made no mention about how fed he was when he defeated them. Only that, 1. He did defeat both of them, along with killing their(more powerful) master, the last time they fought. and 2. He was weakened when they defeated him.

Aside from that, I mostly agree with you about Galactus, except the last part. Even at the normal levels that we generally see in the comics, his high-end feats are far more impressive than the equivalent feats of the other characters.

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"The last time two featless, ball park Galactus characters fought Galactus they beat him."

1. Galactus was, at that point, far from "fully fed", or even recently fed.

2. While they beat Galactus in that instance, Galactus defeated both of them, along with their master(that he killed) back when he put them in the prison.

3. Galactus has never been shown as "fully fed" in the comics, he has always been somewhat weakened by his hunger. And he has only been shown "recently fed" on a few occasions. And despite that, his high-end feats are more impressive than the equivalent feats from most of the other characters in the gauntlet.

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Mina is physically superior to all except Groot of the Guardians, and even then her speed is far superior. Add to that, a century or two of experience.

Hyde is stronger than any of the Guardians, and Quartermain and Sawyer are better marksmen.

Dorian, Skinner and Nemo are pretty much a bonus.

Mina and Hyde can easily handle them in close-combat, while Quartermain and Sawyer provide ranged support. Leaving Nemo and either Skinner or Dorian to guard the painting, while the other(skinner or dorian) can assist in the actual combat as a wildcard.

With the movie-versions in use, Drax and Gamora are next to useless.

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Just a minor nitpick, there is currently no GR in the MCU.

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@jwwprod: I was commenting on the OP's comment about the Protoss and T'au being "the same thing from their respected universe,"

The Protoss are far more similar to the Eldar, while the Zerg are the equivalent of the 'nids.

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The Protoss have more in common with the Eldar than they do with the T'au.

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What was his power in season 2? Absorbing power makes it impossible for them to beat peter in a fight. They can find him beyond easily.

Not really, since there's no guarantee that he can copy/absorb their powers.

On the other hand, some of Peter's abilities at that point, such as TK, Healing/Regen, the explosion power, Invisibility, and Super Strength, does the trick quite nicely, even without copying any new abilities.

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A few names that come to mind, in terms of pure skill:

al'Lan Mandragoran from the Wheel of Time novels

Conan the Barbarian

Connor Macleod(possibly Methos) from the Highlander universe

Drizzt Do'Urden from Forgotten Realms

Duncan Idaho, from the end of the Dune books

Benedict of Amber, from The Chronicles of Amber

Sir Sparhawk, from the Elenium/Tamuli novels

and Madmartigan from Willow

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Spider-Man stops at 3, Batman stops at 2.

Villains win the bonus round.