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1. It seems the OP has been edited by the author, turns out my assumption was correct.

2. And I never said that the MC is useless in terms of hand-to-hand combat. What I have said(and rightly so) is that in terms of hand-to-hand combat, Cap has far more experience than the MC.

3. As I already mentioned Cap is primarily superior in terms of mental stats, the Spartans are noted as having increased Intelligence, Memory, and Creativity. While for Cap, all of his mental stats are increased in the same way as his physical ones. Iirc, Cap also heals faster than the MC/Spartans.

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Batman's more impressive showings of prep. tends to rely on PIS and plot devices.

The Doctor seems to almost purely rely on plot devices.

Thanos' seems to rely on PIS.

Constantine's most impressive prep feats seem to rely on his House(which amounts to a plot device).

And Doom, while seemingly less reliant on PIS and plot devices than the others, tends to fall to his own arrogance regardless of how good his prep is.

That said, with no calling on allies, Batman has no way to deal with magic. Which means that he has no way to deal with Doom and Constantine, and possibly Thanos(who does have some knowledge of the mystical arts).

The Doctor doesn't even know that magic exists, which puts him in much the same boat as Batman.

Thanos is a bit of a wildcard, since he is, without prep, so stupidly superior to everyone else.

Which leaves us with Constatine and Doom(and the wildcard).

Given Doom's tendency to fall to his own arrogance, I would give that one to Constantine. Especially because Constantine is the kind of guy who would be able to use Doom's arrogance against him, and essentially get Doom to take himself out. Without the arrogance, Doom would take it easily.

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1. Anyone that knows anything about the two characters, knows that it's a stomp if MC is in his armor. Thus, it seems safe to assume that the MC is not wearing the armor in this match.

2. I said "usable" experience. Which is simply the truth. The vast majority of the MC's experience is armed combat(firearms). For Cap on the other hand, the vast majority of his experience is close-combat.

3. No, he really doesn't. And I'm not assuming, I am aware of the MC's capabilities. But while he's most definitely impressive, without his armor he is not noticeably superior to Cap(there are even a few areas where Cap is superior, primarily in the mental areas). The MC's biggest advantage, in terms of raw stats, is the fact that his skeleton of far more durable than that of Cap.

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Cap wins all rounds.

Without his armor(as I assume is the case in this fight) the MC has not shown anything that makes him superior to Cap in terms of stats, by any noticeable margin.

Also, this is hand-to-hand.

1. This is pretty much what Cap specializes in, Cap has the MC out-skilled by a ridiculous degree.

and 2. Cap has far more usable experience than MC.

Cap should be able to win with a minimum amount of difficulty.

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Any telepath.

Any reality warper.

Any sufficiently skilled/powerful energy manipulator.

Any matter manipulator.

Any sufficiently powerful magic user.

I could keep going for a while, but you should be getting the picture by now.

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@midnightdragon18: @irhp87:

"Buyon VS Goku was a battle in which Goku had no chance of victory; he only won due to his intelligence in combat. Noticing that Buyon had a weakness to cold, he utilized the environment to his advantage."

Ok, a few problems here.

1. We have no official power level for Goku at the time of that fight, nor do we have an official power level for Buyon, so we can't definitively say that Buyon has a higher Power level.

2. No, Goku did not win "due to his intelligence", or by "noticing that Buyon had a weakness to cold".

He won due to intuition and luck.

Goku noted(yelled out in frustration) that he had never had an opponent as rubbery/blubbery as Buyon before. Then, a few panels later, when he's saying "I wish I knew how to beat him", he remembers Bulma having him(goku) wrapped in a blanket, telling him that he was "stiff from cold" and "hard as ice". And remembering that phrase "hard as ice", gave him the idea to try breaking the wall, to make it cold inside. That was the intuition part.

The luck part was that Buyon was actually weak against low temperature extremes, and it did work.

That said, I hope you have more examples than that, since a single example(and not even a particularly good one at that, since it only demonstrated that luck is a factor).

You still haven't backed up your claim that Fighting skill and weaponry(the two things you specifically named as alternatives to PL) are any real factor.

There is a reason that none of the trainers/teachers we have actually seen Goku work with, has taught him any actual "fighting skills", but rather focused purely on Ki techniques, and increasing his Power.

"Goku can fire a moon busting blast without it causing a huge explosion, just like the flash can run faster the sound without creating sonic booms,"

1. Goku firing blasts like that, without causing huge explosions, has to do with the nature/composition of the blast, not necessarily the lack of physics.

2. Flash running faster than sound without causing sonic booms, is due to how his powers work. He is surrounded by an aura that prevents him from negatively impacting the environment with his extreme speed. That is why he doesn't create a ripple effect that effectively kills off all life on the planet, when he moves more than Mach... 17(I think it is).

"Basically, I am saying that it isn't the technique that, for example, made Raditz's scouter register Goku at a higher PL than during the fight, it was just Goku concentrating his energy into a single point."

Concentrating the energy would not increase the amount of energy present. And it is the amount of energy that the scouter is registering.

We have seen that the various special techniques actually increases the amount of effective energy(the special beam cannon, just as a bonus fact, has the highest confirmed multiplication factor in DBZ).

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@vortex14: No, those were not feats.

Those were the book/text equivalent of someone telling us these things. It's no more a feat, than Spider-Man telling us about Sentry "stalemating Galactus" is a feat for Sentry.

I never said anything about the passages being from wikis.Come up with some quotes of passages that actually describes things that the Chaos Gods have done, those would be feats.In the mean time, I look forward to seeing you arguing for Sentry in most battles that he appears in. After all, you seem to think that the "stalemating Galactus" should be considered a feat.

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Without the Mjolnir armor, Cap wins.

1. He's far more skilled.

2. He has far more, useful, experience.

3. For a fight like this, he has considerably more impressive feats.

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Cassandra takes the first one.

Second one is kind of a toss-up.

Gambit takes the third one.

While Cassie is flat out more skilled in close-combat, Gambit has better reflexes, and packs much more of a punch.

Cassie dodges a few bullets, even catching bullets(something that, iirc, Gambit has done as well), but generally, she dodges one bullet at a time. Gambit with his staff deflects full-automatic gunfire.

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Scathan is highly overrated, that said the Team still wins.

Exitar, and Galactus using the UN is more than enough to take out the Anti-Monitor.