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My reference to the red and blue pill was made because of your inability to see how minority characters are treated. It was a forgone conclusion that Static Shock and Mr. Terrific would be canceled after their first issues dropped. You seem somewhat intelligent...and have some comic book knowledge, but what you and many others fail to realize is that the cards are already stacked against a comic book featuring a black character. If you don't understand this or have never seen the topic discussed...then just google the topic...why black comic book heroes don't sell? There's a ton of speculation as to why black characters don't do as well as their Caucasian counterparts but it seems obvious to me that the same care and interest is not devoted to these characters. Knowing that the marketplace is a particularly cruel and difficult place for a black character to survive...why would DC not opt to give Static Shock the very best chances for survival? My assumption is the staff at DC is intelligent enough to know the challenges of selling a book starring a minority based superhero...that they did their homework and came to the table with something revolutionary in their approach. But no...they did exactly what I thought they would do...made a half ass attempt at producing a book that should have already had a built in audience of sorts and then allowed it to self destruct. Mr. Terrific is an interesting character when part of a group but DC would have been better off launching a new series based on CYBORG, ICON or JOHN STEWART/ GREEN LANTERN for Christ's sake...why in heavens do we get MR. TERRIFIC and BATWING. I'm a huge Grant Morrison fan and I am supremely tickled by his prodigious and fanciful imagination...and BATWING is an excellent by-product of his psychedelic ret-con musings but...there are many more deserving black characters out there that warrant their own book before one who is simply Bat Man in black face. OMAC, MAN of War, Hawk and Dove and whatever other titles you cited are books that are primarily about and populated by Caucasian are 99% of the other books on the market. Yeah...they got canceled but there's always another 10 books that you can purchase starring white superheroes. Not so much with DC black superheroes. Static Shock and Mr. Terrific are done for the time being...that leaves us with CYBORG playing the Luke Cage role for the JLA...and Black Bat Man. That sucks man...and I'm sorry you can see that or feel that as a fan...but I do. It is painfully clear to me that the parties involved with Static Shock and Mr. Terrific just didn't give a damn. Every time a series like this fails it's a nail in the coffin for other characters of color...because black superheroes just don't sell.

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Then you apparently have been drinking the same kool aid a lot of the sleepers out there have been drinking and that' s ok. Some of us take the red pill and others the blue. The fact remains that there were a lot of inept decisions made concerning a pivotal character that DC quietly watched crash and burn. And I believe they have the balls to do stuff like this because they think 75% percent of the readership is oblivious and on pop culture auto pilot anyway. As for the artwork...if you say that you like Mcdaniel's illustration of Static...that of course is your opinion. But if we look at the quality of the art in Static Shock compared to most of the other books in the New's definitely lacking. I also did not imply DC wanted more than Static as a property...I said that the reason why the book failed is because they didn't use Static's resources...which would have been the other Milestone characters. Sending an unproven book into battle without its most appealing features is was the case with Static Shock. The other books you cited have years and years of continuity and will resurface again...and maybe Static Shock will do the same....but it's funny to me that the powers that be at DC treated this title so...indifferently.

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Setting Static up to fail;

1. Relocating the story to New York as opposed to Dakota City.

2. Terrible Artwork.

3. God Awful plotlines and subplots that make no sense and exist for shock value alone.

4. Not paying attention to the character development of Virgil Hawkins.

5. Getting a fan fave writer and then not allowing him to do what you "advertise" him as doing...writing the book.

6. Ignoring all the characters in the Milestone Universe...essentially castrating the concept of Static Shock.

R.I.P Duff...We gonna straighten this out...a new day is dawning.

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You will not hear any kind of rebuttal from the editor or the artist. If you do it will be a corporate prepared statement from Didio or some executive blowhard at DC. They set Static Shock up for failure plain and simple. They took a character who despite the lack of any huge marketing blitz or significant product placement became a cult favorite and spawned an intriguing and worthwhile animated television series...they stripped him of his essence which was the main character's alter ego, Virgil. There was less character development involving Virgil and more action pumped in because we all know Static Shock's origin so well. He was also inexplicably removed from his home Dakota City and transplanted to New York. This is almost akin to moving Bat Man from Gotham City to Cleveland. Bat Man would still be cool, but Gotham accentuates his character. Besides the one appearance of Hardware that thrilled me silly...there was no mention or sign of any of the other Milestone denizens. WHY? Why didn't anyone intervene when this book started going down the wrong track? Why was the art so terrible and lackluster as opposed to the other NEW 52 titles? Why was the artwork on Mr. Terrific just as horrible if not worse? Because DC does not give a damn in the slightest about either one of these characters and their lack of effort led to a demise I'm sure they are not to concerned about. And to all the hooligans out there who cry foul over my Bat Man comparison...relax, you know exactly the point I'm trying to make.