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Looking forward to the X-men days of future past movie. Looking forward to seeing how they will screw-up one of the best X-men stories to date. So far the X-men movies have mostly been a let down to me. Looking at X-men 1st class only 2 of the characters were actually founding members of the X-men. Don't see how the Original X-men could not have been put in the movie instead of the characters used. Emma Frost's ability to use her second mutation (which I never understood why she got that power as it has nothing to do with her other abilities) added nothing to the movie. I also wonder why some of the mutants in the second movie suddenly disappear (aka Nightcrawler). A better ending of Jean Grey (X-men 3) would have been if leach drained her powers and she tries to kill him. Wolverine, realizes that leach would not effect his claws, has Colossus "Fast-ball Special" him to run Jean through. Jean could then thank him with her dying breath as the Phoenix force leaves her.

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Just don't see Batman singing. Can see him more Punching out someone for singing. Musicals based on comic books or comic book characters are just a bad idea. A very bad idea.

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Vote Yes for Cap. If The US gets in a fight about human rights and too many people get hurt, he can just give up. Unless they are German of course. See Marvel's Civil War.