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Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country

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Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

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Oddly enough, Sir Night manage to get involved in this soon to be disastrous Road Trip. One minute he had been stealing one of the most precious jewels in the world, and the next he was sitting on the backseat with two goons staring at him weirdly. " What ? " He said in a low tone, glaring out his eyes at the two goons as soon as they tried to poke him. The two goons was rather intimidated by Sir Night's appearance, but their eyes was still in contact with Sir Night's figure. And that of course disturbed him, in fact. That could almost disturb anyone, anyone except Kite of course He was the most patient man I have ever met Sir Night's thought was interrupted by a slight poke from Bob, his face was as innocent as a monkey. He hated monkeys.

" Do you have anything else to do other than to bother me ? " He asked with an irritated look. " Sorry sire, but it is our orders to bother you " They answered slightly in unison. Ugh... that Ziev, he was always trying to make his life worse. What was his motives anyway ?, he must be doing those evil things for a purpose right ?. He glared at Premonition, and when Premonition turned his face right towards him. Sir Night gave him a greeting with his middle finger, along with a " F- YOU " whispered through his mouth. Yeah... that should keep him irritated for awhile. Now in the meantime, Sir  Night needs to get rid of Bob and Steve. And fortunately for him, his quick thinking mind got him an idea. 

" Hello my friends, people call me Archer " A seatmate arrived to save Sir Night from the treacherous Bob and Steve. " Oh yes... we've met before. " He greeted the new friend, and schooched on over to the next seat so Archer can sit next to Bob and Steve. " Allow me to introduce them. They are Bob and Steve, agents slash goons of Ziev. You should make friends with them-- " Sir Night stopped briefly and leaned on his shoulders, covering his mouth with his hand " --- and also if you can, please get them as far away from me as you can "He whispered and faked a smile so Bob and Steve won't notice a thing. Now that that problem is solved, Sir Night can return to his tranquil sightseeing.

The van just passed through the countryside. Cows, barns, grasses, and windmills were spotted along the way. The sounds of waves crashing to the shores can be heard, no else heard it, but that was because Sir Night had enhanced senses. It had been a long time since he had gone to the beach. The last time he went there, was five years ago, with his mentor Kylar Stern. His mentor told him everything he could possibly needed, the arts of killing, the ways of espionage, and the language of weapons. It was so peaceful there, that it even made "gutting people and ripping out their hearts out " sound enjoyable. Ooh... how he longed for that place. Sir Night closed his eyes to do a deep slumber. But he did not have the chance, as the smell of salty seas awakened him. " Van-mates, we've arrived ! " Sir Night yelled out from the back seat, running across the narrow  middle section of the van, and out into the sunny paradise. > This... was worth it < He placed his hand one on his hips, and the other to cover his eyes from the glistening sun ( btw this was worth it was translated from Arabic ). 

" LET'S HAVE SOME FUN " Battalion roared eccentric, already in his swimsuit with a surfboard strapped to his arms.

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" Have you heard ? " Asked one of the guards that leaned beside the steel gate , " What ? " the other guard turned to him. " The boss's main HQ was attacked not long ago. " " Really ? " The other guard paused for a moment, " By who ? ". " They said they were attacked by a bunch of mercenaries called the Order of the Black Hand or something. " The other guard explained, which lead them to a rude gossiping. Meanwhile, below an incoming truck. Sir Night was hanging just a few inches above the road, planning and scheming under a very uncomfortable position. Heh... Ziev is not gonna see this coming. Sir Night smirked, revealing his gritted teeth underneath. The two guards that was laughing spontaneously beside the gate, had noticed the incoming truck and waved their hand as a signal to stop. And as the truck stopped, the two guards checked every corner of the truck, but still. Sir Night remained unnoticed, Lousy guards, Ziev's not paying them enough. he smiled, and the wheels starts moving again. A few minutes later, the truck stopped behind a line of trucks. They were unloading some crates out, probably some futuristic weapons and armors for the armory. I'll steal those later, now it's my time to move. Sir Night dropped to the ground, barely making a punting sound, and rolled to the side. It kind of hurts when he did that, as the streets were filled with gravels. Most of it punctured his skin, but with a few shakes, it all fell to the ground rattling. He then ran to the side of the building, and hid behind a tower's pillars.

The place was heavily guarded. 14 groups of guards can be spotted, marching relentlessly around the vicinity, while proudly singing their marching tune. " UNDER ZIEV WE FIGHT AND STAND, HIS EVERY WISH IS OUR COMMAND " " What kind of marching tune is that ? " Sir Night whispered, his face was filled with disgust. " Under Ziev we fight and stand ? His every wish is our command ? Oh god... " The epic fail that he had heard had manage to get a facepalm from the assassin, and as the tune and footsteps all fade away. Sir Night crouched his way towards a window, and peeked. Inside was two guards, and one of them was conveniently heading his way towards the window. Sir Night quickly ducked out of sight, he plans to pull the guard out and punched him. " Hey Joe, make me a cup of coffee would you ? I'm gonna get some fresh air. " The guard said, leaning his body back at the window. Sir Night pulled the guard out silently, covering the guard's mouth so he won't scream. " Sorry buddy, nothing personal " He jabbed the guard in the face, knocking him unconscious. " Hey here's your coffee Gordon.... Gordon ? " The guard that was making coffee search the room for his friend. But no luck. " He must be outside " Just when the guard has a sense of relief, Sir Night climbed in from the window and snapped his neck. " Where am I.... ? " Sir Night looked around aimlessly, until he saw a golden sign. " Security Room.... perfect. " 

The room was small, but it provides all the things that a guard with minimum wage could ever need. A coffee machine, a flat screen tv, a high tech computer, and even a fridge with lots of instant meals inside. " Alright let's sabotage their cameras and lasers. " Sir Night said, rubbing his hands together as he makes his way towards the computer. He then takes a seat, and accessed the security folders. " Sh!t.. ! a password... " He cursed, slamming his fists at the keyboard. Fortunately for him, the slamming fist typed the name BOB, which was the name of the guard he killed. " Oh.... what the heck ! " He pressed enter, a folder containing all the deactivation code for the security suddenly shows up in the screen, which means BOB was the correct password. " Thank you Bob for your simplicity " He smiled wickedly at the corpse behind him, and sets his sights back to the computer.

Sir Night had successfully hacked the security, all those cameras and lasers were all deactivated. He grinned at the thought, " Now I can finally get the gold " he said. Opening the red wood door, he went back into the field. " Let's see... the gold is in there. Which means, I'll have to do a little climbing. " Sir Night sprinted under the cover of night, swiftly climbing the outer walls as soon as the walls was on his grip. Reaching the final ledge, he pulled himself up using all the power he got, and climbed over the ledge. " Let's check out how many guards are down there " He said, peeking down at the guards through the glass roof. " Hmm... 1... 2.... 3.... 4.... 5.... 6.... 7.... " He pointed at the guards one by one, " 8... 9.... okay. The point is, they're a lot. So what should I do ? " He thought for a moment, lips tightened, hand rubbing under chin, and eyebrow raised. " Got it. " He threw a smoke pellet out to the open field, raising attention. The guards inside the building soon take notice, and rushed outside. Leaving Sir Night a chance, " Imbeciles " he said, jumping down to the black and white tile. Sir Night landed in a crouching position, his hands stretched out besides him. He then stood up, making his way towards the computer next to the vault. He needs to do this quickly, the guards will be back soon. So he sat on the chair, and typed up the the vault's passwords as quickly as he could. Sir Night had already obtain the password from his informant, so this part of the mission was easy. " Jackpot " His eyes gazed at the opening vault, revealing a golden paradise. Sir Night's eyes literally sparkled, his mouth was rather agape. But he does not waste time. And quickly went into the vault. Pulling out his bag, he puts in as many gold as he could. When suddenly the guards came in, and pointed out their guns. " PUT YOUR HANDS UP MISCREANT " The buff guard roared like a lion, saliva was flying out of his mouth. Sir Night reacting to him, merely peered at him and smiled. Of course, it made the guard mad, and so hell was unleashed. " FIRE " The guard ordered his men, and they all started shooting. It was raining bullets. But Sir Night manage to escaped it, by teleporting out.

He was teleported to the Order's HQ, bag of gold in hand. " I'm back " He notified the others innocently, " Hmm... it's quiet... too quiet. " he looked around cautiously and sarcastically, " But it's always quiet here. " he shrugged. Sir Night walked in, through the tunnels, and into a lab. There, he heard sobbing. A sign of sadness, that was given out by tears. " Hello... " He slides out from a table full of chemicals, and saw a saddened Timeflow. " You're crying ? " He said scornfully to the powerful being, " Words cannot describe how freaked out I am now. " he patted Timflow's shoulders. " Tell me... what made you cried ? " Sir Night tried to care, but failed, he almost gave out a chuckle. 


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Trivium - Dying in Your Arms