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They need to start over! A directors cut, sad to say, would not make it better, in my opinion. I thought the movie in and of itself was excellent, but the story sucked! Get a (new) story that involves someone else other than Luthor. He was in all the old movies the new movie and Smallville (which I think Rosenbaum has been the best Luthor so far).    
Lets see Doomsday. Lets see Darkseid! Lets see Bizarro!  
I thought the new Incredible Hulk was great because it was a revamp of the whole thing. But at the same time they didn't focus on the beginning. They still eluded to Hulk origins without making an entire movie about it. Everyone knows the Superman origin.  
And get a better Lois Lane! Lane is supposed to be this great independant beauty that steals Superman's heart and she's always been played by annoying loud and (not to be mean) not that pretty (with the exception of Teri Hatcher as far as the pretty part goes ) women. Can't we have a actress who doesn't have to be a bimbo to show she's strong willed? 

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Ok, I know this is an old post and most probably won't see it but I've been thinking long and hard about who the next Batman villain(s) in the Nollan universe should be. Don't give up on me here and at least see my ideas through. My top three are:  
3. Catwoman       
2. The Creeper   
1. The Flamingo  
I know what you're thinking! Catwoman would be too much right now. Batman is running from the cops and everyone sees him as a killer, cause he's the hero Gotham needs and blah, blah, blah. I was thinking what if while all this is going on Catwoman (the Adam Hughes Catwoman maybe with the old grey costume) comes along and sparks Bats (love) interest now that Rachel is dead. But after awhile Selina starts doing what she does. Stealing. This creates a conflict. Bats likes her but at the same time he's trying to stop her while being chased by the cops. I think that could be a main story arc or maybe a side (I think if this was a direction they take it should be a main theme with another side villain). 
Then there's The Creeper. If Nollan made him a little more real life I think you've got a great character on your hands. I remember (given this was from Bruce Timm's tv show back in the 90 's) even the Joker saying that The Creeper was crazy. If you played The Creeper off more crazy than Ledgers Joker you've got an intense villain (to say the least).  
Finally The Flamingo. Seriously, first time I heard his name I laughed out loud. No lie, I told my roommate (who doesn't even read comic books) how lame that name was and how much this character was gonna suck. Even though I still haven't had a chance to read the issues he's in, The Flamingo, from what I hear, is kicking a**! Now, he's what I think would be the best bet, if Nollan used this new villain. Bruce and Alfred could both hear of this dude named "The Flamingo" and laugh. Maybe even joke about how easy he'll be to hand him over to the police, and then Batman faces him for the first time and kicks Batman's butt! I mean sends him to the hospital. And then starts ripping Gotham to pieces. Play him off ten times worse than the Joker. The villain who everyone laughs at at first and then trembles with fear when they find out who he really is.  
Maybe even tie in Catwoman with The Flamingo and have Selina help Bats in the end kick The Flamingo's face in.  
The only other idea I think would be better (and I don't remember who posted this idea) was if the third movie took place almost entirely in Arkham Asylum. But they only two ways they could get away with this, in my opinion, is if Bats in thrown into Arkham himself (without his identity revealed which would be hard to accomplish) or it takes place way in the future and Batman is already back in clear with the cops. I don't think they could pull either off but it's an amazing idea for a later movie I think. 
So there you go. What's been in my head as far as villains go. 

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I love zombies!!

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Why so many Deadpools!? What the hec Marvel? If you want more ideas make up somethine original. People are trying to get all the money they can and so they make stupid decisions like this. Poop.

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Am I the only one who thinks this looks nothing like the actual Sherlock Holmes? Look up Jeremy Brett
I thought he was the best Holmes so far. I hope it is a good movie though. I'm just unsure.

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Toby Maguire, I thought, was perfect. Kirsten Dunst was good, but she didn't look the part. No offense to Topher Grace, who was brilliant in That 70's Show, but he was not Eddie Brock. They need to do a really dark Venom movie completely redone and seperate from the Spiderman 3 movie which we should all just not even ecknowledge at all. If they do a Venom movie Spiderman shouldn't even be in it. 

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They rest on the coast and to die is impending
We pull at the motionless and static
But the torrent has crowned their heads
It fills their ears and it makes them ill
They do not struggle at all
This will speak of the end, and will not prove false
It is time to move on with the weapons of faith and love
Synchronize your steps to the sound of guns
This world is damned to hell and it's a revelation
And this is a shallow grave, and it's on the highest rise
We stand on its highest crest
I'll set myself on fire  
Come on, watch me burn
Poisoned now enough to kill ten hundred men
The harvester's mouth has not gone dry
[Joel 3:13-16]      
Norma Jean- 
I thought this would make a crazy, and different, comic! Just the idea. Ha.

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I'd like to see Bruce Wayne in the show. I stopped following sometime after season eight and they could have done some awesome episodes with him. He'd have to be played right. Like the Nolan movies character or Jeph Loeb's version. I think that would be awesome.