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Persistence 0

After the six issue opening arc that seemed to plod along for far too long, the done-in-one's of issues 7 and 8 have been a relief, and make me all the more eager for the next longer story. Issue 8 sees Green Arrow try to join the Justice League, we learn why the Justice League are so unwilling to expand their membership, and a classic Leaguer reappears in a very unexpected way.I'm not going to say much in the way of Shazam. The story is being delivered in piece meal, and I honestly don't have m...

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Age of X-Force 0

As far as I'm concerned, that's exactly what the X Franchise is right now, the Age of X-Force.  Oh there might be vampires painfully inserted into the franchise, another dystopian present where mutants are hunted to extinction (which is pretty much the same as the 616 universe.  The X-Men are really bad at their job, huh?) and some schism thing where people stand around wondering how the hell Cyclops became leader.  But that's window dressing.  If the entire rest of the X-line is McDonalds, then...

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One Hell of a Find 0

The Good Every issue, I'm constantly surprised to realize just how much I love this series.  This was supposed to be the 'other' series.  That weird series with Brightest Day on top that I didn't know what to make of?  I mean, a series about the JLI?  Those guys from the 80s who were the 'comedy' league?  Really?  But I bought the first few issues because Booster Gold was in it, and I'll buy anything with Booster Gold.  The rest of the issues?  I bought those because this is an absolutely great ...

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News Flash: Time Traveling Still Confusing 0

Warning: Spoilers for the issue within this review.  The Good This initial arc was presented as our story beginning in the middle.  Where our main character revisits his origin and facilitates it.  As revealed in this issue, the story actually starts at the beginning.  This story hasn't been from the point of view of our main character, but from his future self.  The man we've seen as Rus Livingston up until now is the real main character, and his journey as The Traveler is just beginning.  It's...

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Torture, Romance & And All That Jazz 0

The Good Santolouco's art deserves special mention.  Filling in for Rafael Alburquerque is no enviable task, but Santolouco does it with aplomb.  His art isn't quite as refined as Alburquerque's is, but he does an excellent job maintaining the specific style of American Vampire.  He's asked to communicate a wide variety of emotions here, and his biggest accomplishment is in communicating the love tempered with underlying fear in Pear and Henry.  Pearl and Henry get the spotlight shown back on th...

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Needed this book like a hole in the head 0

While Action Comics continues to be one of my favorites month after month, Paul Cornell's brief run on Batman and Robin cements him as a writer who is 'hit and miss.'  While Subject Zero, the worst of the 3 BOOM! Stan Lee books is average, Batman and Robin is the first Cornell book I can call bad.  The Good This is Cornell's last issue before Peter Tomasi takes over the book.    Scott McDaniel's art is consitently good, and this is no exception.  All his pencils are effective and are a bright sp...

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Fool's Gold 0

 The Good   Rani continues to be a welcome addition to the book's cast.  Booster's adopted daughter he rescued from The Great Darkness Saga adds a new layer to the theme of responsibility and sacrifice that have been hallmarks of the book.  More importantly though, she makes the growing Carter family actually feel like a real family.  Furthermore, the art is quite nice to look at this is the shiniest I’ve ever seen Booster Gold’s costume.   The Bad   The writing.  Oh, I have to be more spec...

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More Than an Illusion 0

It's not very often I read something in single issues and then want it as a collected edition.  But Taskmaster joins DV8: God and Monsters as one of the few books I can't wait to read again.  The Good Sometimes you read a book, and it just doesn't make sense.  Oh, all the story elements make sense.  All the characterization rings true, but put everything together, and it doesn't make sense.  It doesn't make sense that a book whose main villain is an organization called MILF can end with such hea...

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Slow and Steady-at the Speed of Light 0

The Good  You know what may be one of the hardest parts of comic book writing?  Creating villains.  Comic books have some of the most iconic villains of all time: Joker, Lex Luthor, Green Goblin, etc etc.  But for every Dr. Doom and Sinestro, there are countless villains that will show up for an issue or an arc, and never be remembered.  Never be seen again.  In the new Top, Geoff Johns has created a villain I believe will last through the decades.  Top walks that precious line between threateni...

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