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To everyone complaining about Hal having a ring when he's not supposed to, Morrison's JLA run was so good because Superman was blue and made of energy. Oh wait, not. It made it immediately dated, needlessly complicated things, and robbed an iconic run of iconic Superman. Continuity serves the story. If continuity is hindering the story, it should be ignored. Good stories are the ONLY THINGS THAT MATTER.

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Definitely Dick's rouge gallery.

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@Dernman: I'm sure he's still in the book.  Since all the teasers line up to form a single image, you can't have Wolverine appearing in multiple teasers (even if Wolverine can be in more places at once than Jamie Madrox)
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Dick Grayson finally has a Joker to call his own: James Gordon Jr.  I hope he doesn't turn into a general Batman villain and go up against Bruce over and over.  He doesn't work as Bruce's villain.  No, he's Dick's ultimate arch nemesis.  I hope he shows up in Nightwing.

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eh, the $3.99 kills it for me.  When I can only buy so many books per week, if I'm on the fence about two titles and one of them is $2.99, that's the book I'm gonna go with every time.

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Why did you open the article with a picture of The Authority when you don't mention the Authority once in the article?  Stuff like that just pisses me off.

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Static will be just fine.  Short of resurrecting Dwayne McDuffie, there's no writer who will show more respect and care to the character than John Rozum will.  Also, while I agree that Suicide Squad does not look good, that has nothing to do with the line up. I can see Harley, King Shark, and Deadshot being a fantastically enjoyable team.  Just...just not with those designs.

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I'm all for sexy costumes, but this is ridiculous.  I'm a man, and I even find this objectifying and demeaning.  This is without a doubt the worst DC costume redesign (yes, worse than Conner 'The Situation' Kent).  Though to be fair, I overall like a lot of the DC redesigns and am crazy excited about the reboot in general.  If they wanted to give her a new, 'sexy' costume, they should give her the costume she wears in Arkham City.

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A change of this magnitude needs to happen, and it needs to happen now.  The top selling books barely reach 100,000 anymore.  As it is now, the comic industry can not and will not survive.  You talk about how much they owe us, how DC has failed us, but we've failed DC.  They're a business, they've catered to us exclusively for years now, and we alone can't sustain them.  Change or die, change or die.  And if this relaunch fails?  Well better to die with your head up high knowing you did everything you could than to leave a bloated, festering corpse.

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I really enjoyed Dick Grayson as Batman.  But if you're restarting at issue #1 and trying to make it as welcoming as possible for new readers, making Bruce the only Batman is the first thing you do.  I feel Scotty Snyder is telling the definitive Grayson-as-Batman story, so we'll always have that.  If I had to pick one writer to carry on Grayson's story, it'd be Higgins.  He's killing it on Gates of Gotham.  I'm pleased that Dick's time as Batman is still in canon.  Only thing I want from this is for Dick to go back to a blue costume.  Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood, Red Nightwing, did all of the boy wonders decide to color coordinate?  Hopefully there'll be guest appearances aplenty from Damian. 
Of all the costume redesigns, none fill me with more glee than Trucker Hat Arsenal.  I will buy this series just for the hat.