Too many diffrent writers on each characters/Story arcs?

Im starting to write my first blog right now. I'm starting with a topic that already has been discussed and argued about.

What I'm talking about is a topic that especcially is shown in the Marvel comics. It is the question about the many diffrent writers for a comic book character and for stroy arcs. I thought about this a lot (and yes when I say a lot i mean it).

Being a part of the Comicvine community here for about 6 months showed me that here are also people who think about this a lot too. A lot of people say that for each story arc (especially for the loads of arcs from Marvel) there should be a determind group of writers/artists who should deal with the arc (Because there are so many events, everybody should get a chance of writing in at least one arc). That is a point I totally agree with. We see this problem in the latest Marvel story arc "Fear Itself". There were tons of writers and artists and from issue 1-7 even the look of Juggernauts helmet changed. Is this really how it should be? I guess not.

Then there is also an other problem for me with the changing of the writers. Everybody likes to copare his/her most liked character with an other one or the marvel super heroes vs marvel villains and so on. But the problem is: How can we rank someone when his powers and abillities, each time a diffrent writer is on work, are getting changed. For Example Wolverine's and Deadpool's healing factor: Sometimes Deadpool's healing factor is so strong that even his limbs can re-grow when they get lost. In one post it is said that he can not die when he get his head blown away etc. I hope you know what I want to say. So how can we rank his healing factor if every writer puts in something else or erases a diffrent idea?

So to solve this problem i thought what about One writer for one character. I know this is a bit contradict to what i said before with the stroy arcs. But lets see it like this: We actually got Daniel Way in front of the Deadpool series. But Deadpool also appears in Uncanny X-Force written by Rick Remender. So in fact Rick Remnder should put in the Deadpool we know and love (i know joe kelly was first but this is just an example) or don't. (lol)

But there is an other problem. Actually we can choose the writer we like and the one who introduces our character we most like. If there is one fixed writer a lot of people maybe won't agree with the writing style. I guess this is also the reason for so many diffrent ongoing Spider-man titles. A few people say: "Hey i like amazing spider-man the most because Ramos wrote it" other say: "I like avenging Spiderman most because Joe Madureira writes the best spidy." So that might get a problem.

(BTW I have nothing against multiple ongoing solo series from diffrent writers, but there should be one MAIN character with a MAIN story and who always participates in the main story acrs)

But at least there is something that needs to be done. For every reader its nice to see a clear line that we can follow a story (arc) through. So give the reader what they want. Lets say give story arc at least 3 wirters and maximum 6 or 7 so there is not a change between every issue (looking on Fear Itself).

We would also like to compare characters. Their powers, their abillities and their experiences.

But this is just possible if there is one non changing character. He must always be the same and maybe he just can improve things. But not a complete change.

How do you see things? Same as I do? Or diffrent? Because comparing characters let us give a chance to get a really top 100 characters of all time or heroes or villains what ever. I also like the lists that were made here on CV but I would like some kind of a official list too and this is just possible if the things about can be accomplished.

That's it for the moment and my the thoughts about the diffrent writers