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Hail Hydra! Welcome to our organization.
The world is ours for the taking.
Don't take it personal if we don't bother to learn your name.
"Cut off an arm, and two more shall take its place."
Hellfire Club
The Hellfire Club is for you.
It can be a dark place but the benefits...
and scenery can pay off.
Get ready for some good times.
Serpent Squad
The Serpent Squad is for you.
You can go and tell the world what you think of them. 
Laws are for chumps.
Your boss is a nice-looking red-head.
Just steer clear of her dad...the Red Skull.
And try not to get injured in the field or they just might leave you behind.
Arkham Asylum
Hope you like wearing white coats and don't mind crazy screaming.
Arkham Asylum is a place to try to reform the criminal element.
You're doing a good deed.
Just be prepared if the inmates break out on casual Friday.

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