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well loki is a false god be he is powerful then most asgradians and mephisto is a level 8 or 9 demon i would say they are the same loki is to norse mythology what mephisto is to christianity but i like loki better so imma just choose him

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Definately a villain with the powers of electrokinesis and flight

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both matthew mConaugh and Mark Walhberg are horrible actors well not horrible but they are no way near the best
no order
Jonny Depp
Christain Bale
Ed Norton
Kefer Sultherland (not big but he can really play the bad guy
5 Moran Freeman

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well this is  a good battle i think pinhead can take most horror icons with a curbstomp other then freddy who is a reality warper but i think ghost riders hell fire can do some damn and then he has something designed to fight pinhead and thAT WOULD be his penance stare

winner ghost rider but not easy

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glad it ain't gonna be a civil war game i wanna use who i want the whole play threw civil war could be a fighting game though

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plus scarecrow used his fear gas on joker and it had no effect which means his primary weapon would be rendered to useless

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Batman's team will win not win i mean i think they will take out venom with the ultra sound device or something but honest spidey could kill a human with a punch if he wanted to

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Best was Ironman I mean Robert Downey Jr. sold the movie 9
the Hulk 2008 was good imean it had good Action that was it 7
Hellboy II i liked made me wanna see the next scene that action was good the story was good and the effects and visuals were good 8
Spider-man 2 he was a great case w/ the exception of Dunst I mean Alfred Monera (spl) did good job being the simpathic villain 9
Batman Begins I though it was the best batman since Burtons verions but i didn't like Gothem City at all it was no fanasty and i'm a batman fanboy maybe i ove analyze things sometimes  but i did think it was lazy to make Gothem a actual city plus i live in Chicago 7
BATMAN 1989 and BATMAN RETURNS my all time favorite movie i can just fast forward to every scene with Jack he was so over the Top and Danny Devito did a good job for his portral of the Penguin and Phiffer was amazing too

I and i'm not gonna take or rate the bad just know these movies were bad DareDevil, both FF movies. I hated the Xtrilogy i mean  I read Xcomics since 1992 and it didn't capture it or the classic X-men the Animated Series,   

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i'm sure he could be burned to death or suffocate

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if you have any weakness freddy is gonna know it and you don't well bet he gonna use it against you and kill you by it