Grabbed Some TPB

Went to the bargain bin again today although there wasn't much need. My stack of comics is growing higher and higher and my reading time devoted per day has gone up by a few hours. So anyway. I picked up both the Civil War: Frontline TPB for only a few bucks. Used the leftover money to buy first TPB volume of Teen Titans and a few obscure Marvel MAX miniseries TPB.

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Bargain Bin Bundle

I'm totally in love with my local Half-Price Books here in Seattle, bins of comics that never run out starting at 25 cents for titles starting at three years old. Needless to say a large amount of my shopping time and pocket change is spent here. Just the other day I found the entirety of the "Tales of the Darkness" series by Top Cow. Last week I found more issues of "The Authority" which has piqued my interest since digesting the "More Kev" miniseries. Also found a couple of "Tin Tin" books for only $6! More to come soon. Expect the backlog to grow enormously...

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Been jumping around between series a lot lately, trying to catch up on what's new.  Read a few issues of Cloak & Dagger I had lying around.

 In other news Ex-Machina is still the best thing ever.

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