Comic Book Villains that have Appeared in the Nolanverse

The Nolanverse, for me, consists of the following works:

  1. Batman Begins (audio-visual film)
  2. I Believe in Harvey Dent (mock-up campaign website)
  3. The Gotham Times (mock-up newspaper)
  4. Batman: Gotham Knight (animated audio-visual anthology)
  5. Gotham Police Department Reports (mock-up police reports)
  6. The Dark Knight Project (audio visual short film)
  7. Gotham Tonight (audio-visual mock-up news broadcasts)
  8. The Joker Video Diaries (audio visual mock-up internet blogs)
  9. The Dark Knight (audio visual film)
  10. The Joker Blogs (audio visual mock-up internet blogs)
  11. Riddler Blogs (audio visual mock-up internet blogs)

Note: Novelisations are not included, and only villains that have physically appeared in the above works are counted.

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Posted by DoctorXander

Can I ask which of the sources at the top Lex Luthor appears in? Not doubting but just want to know :)