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Posted by Dracade102

Probably not... They'd probably leave out most of the villains from the movie that escape from Arkham. And they wouldn't have a replacement Batman or anything come into play, because that would be a terrible idea for a live-action Batman movie.

Posted by RavenVice01

The only thing they will have from Knightfall is Bane duking it out with Batman and Bane breaks the Bat both mentally and physically. As for the prison break, there will probably be a scene where Gordon is talking to someone about the top priority criminals that escaped like Zsasz, Nygma, Isley, etc. Did you see the latest Catwoman get up. Her ears suck. It looks like she belongs at a costume party in England or Venice or a college mixer. One of the reasons why I disapprove of Nolan's vision: his lack of fashion. If he can make Batman menacing then why not everybody else.