Alternate Concept for 'The Dark Knight' Sequel

It would be more of a sequel to 'Batman Begins', 'Batman: Gotham Knight', 'The Dark Knight', and 'The Joker Blogs'; and it would be a two-parter.

Part One: the Joker (played by Scott McClure) would be broken out of Arkham by Quinzel (who would don the Harlequin costume at about the half-way mark), and together the two would destroy Roman Sionis' criminal empire. Black Mask, however, would put up a valiant fight and would ware the 'Black Mask' in an effort to emulate Batman (mocking Batman's status as a criminal). Mask would ultimately be killed by the Joker, while Jeremiah Arkham, who had hired a shadowy individual to track the Joker, would take Black Mask's mask and kill the Joker in retaliation for the Joker killing his wife. Batman would then capture Arkham and Quinzel.

Supplementary details:

- Harvey Dent, Sal Maroni, and Anna Ramirez (from hitting her head on the concrete) would be confirmed as dead.

- MCU Det. Crispus Allen, Ramirez's partner and implied romantic interest, would be a challenge for Gordon and someone who refers to Mayor Garcia. With this, Gordon is forced to either hunt down Batman or loose his job.

- This investigation into the Batman's identity would involve Coleman Reese.

- The Batcave and Wayne Manor would still be introduced in my version.

- Thomas Elliot will be Bruce Wayne's physician and will be aware of his secret identity, but will be on amicable terms with him.

- Carmine Falcone will be symbolically executed by the Joker and Harley before leaving the Asylum as an affront to the mob.

- Jonathan Crane will not appear in the film, but will be said to have been released from the asylum.

- The film's final scene will feature Coleman Reese being murdered by this 'shadowy figure'.

- Selina Kyle and Bane will not be featured in this film.

- Victor Zsasz is the Joker's right-hand man, although his role will not be prominent (he will be almost the equivalent of Bob from Time Burton's 'Batman'). He will be captured by Batman at the film's end.

- Det. Gerard Stephens will return.

- Det. Harvey Bullock will be featured and will act as the Joker's inside man in the MCU. He will be arrested by the film's end.

Part Two: the League of Shadows returns to Gotham while championed by Bane, and Selina Kyle is introduced with the Catwoman persona already having been adopted. There is a bounty on Batman's head that has been set by the shadowy figure. Eventually Kyle discovers that Bruce is Batman, and begins a Romantic relationship with him to try to discover why he is Batman. They both ultimately discover that they are rogue League of Shadow recruits (Kyle's parents were killed by Carmine Falcone and she also sought out the League), and fight to stop Bane and the shadowy figure, who is revealed to be Talia Head (a member of the Wayne Enterprises Board and Ra's Ah Ghul's daughter). She has been trying eliminating the individuals who pose the greatest threat to the League's effort to destroy Gotham (the Joker and Batman) Bane is killed, but so is Selina and Lucius Fox (Head discovers Lucius is equipping Wayne). Head decides to retreat from Gotham, telling Wayne that the League will not attack the city again until a new head is appointed by the League as "(she) is too blinded by personal vendetta (Batman to kill her father, after all) to efficiently perform the operation". Bruce declares that he will be ready for them.

Supplementary details:

- A sub-plot will involve the Nolan character of MCU Det. John Blake discovering that Batman is innocent of the murders he is accused of. Though Gordan and Crispus try to create hindrances for him (for very different reasons, of course), he learns that Harvey Dent murdered those people. This is revealed publicly as it is the only way that Gordan, who was fired by the mayor for not properly pursuing Batman, can be re-appointed; and because the preservation of Gordan's role as commisioner is perceived as more important than the preservation of Dent's reputation.

- James Gordan is temporarily replaced by the incompetent, but not corrupt, Peter Pauling.

- Gerard Stephens, who only cameos in the previous film, secretly takes orders from Gordan when the city is attacked by Bane after the incompetent Pauling proves that he cannot handle the situation.

- Holly Robinson will not appear, nor will Miranda Tate (presuming she is not Talia Al Ghul).

- It is revealed that Coleman Reese was killed because he refused to reveal to publicly reveal who Batman was.

- Thomas Elliot is appointed head of Applied Sciences by the film's end.